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Andrew, Myron & Kyle after training at the Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, CA.

While there are still no official schedule announcements about the up and coming 2012 World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championship (a.k.a The Mundials); Our team DEFTAC PILIPINAS is well aware that now is the perfect time to begin official preparations for international competition.

Every year for the last 3 years we have been sending our best and most qualified students to California to represent our team. And every year the group just gets bigger and bigger as more and more of our students are showing massive potential. Last year at the Mundials, Andrew Laxa, Kyle Kapunan and Myron Mangubat were among our representatives accompanied by our Professor Alvin Aguilar. We were a very strong team last year and we were training and competing along side our international affiliate Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu, under Professor Saulo Ribeiro’s guidance. But competing at a high international level of competition is very, very overwhelming and doing it for the first time can be very nerve-wracking – as was the case for Myron and Kyle. Nevertheless, with each year comes experience and more opportunities, Prof. Alvin revealed to us in a statement saying:

“We were strong last year, and this year we’re coming back stronger than ever.” 

This March is well on its way and Prof. Alvin will be meeting with all DEFTAC Heads very soon to gather all their potentials that will be selected to possibly represent our team. We’re not just looking for talent; Its going to take hard work, discipline and dedication to devote oneself to Competition Training and thus represent DEFTAC with Prof. Alvin Aguilar at B.A.M.F. Mixed Martial Arts Center.

Watch out for our upcoming posts as we reveal who the few, chosen and proud representatives will be!!!


You  don’t normally expect people to come in to train on a Saturday cause you know they’re probably hung-over from Friday night or have got plans for the evening BUT its a completely different story here at B.A.M.F. Mixed Martial Arts Center! We’re really proud of it, but our students have developed enough discipline to make sure that they are consistently training and getting better. We’re not called The Factory of Champions for nothing because everyday we’re developing champions and they’re walking in and out of our gym all the time.

So here we are on a Saturday night and our Muay Thai Head Coach, Mike Bunag called for a sparring meet for his students. —-It definitely did NOT DISAPPOINT! The Muay Thai sparring session drew MUCH ATTENTION earlier this evening, especially with the special participation of Multiple Sea Games Gold Medalist & URCC Heavy-weight Champion, Marcus Valda. Of course the lovely ladies of our Muay Thai Program Riz Sanglay and Yna Pascual were there too brawling it out with the boys. Whats really nice about our program is that it caters to all types of students, whether you want to compete or not, you have opportunities like this to apply what you are learning in class! — Here is correspondent Jed Monte (16 year old BJJ Blue Belt – with a little sneak peak footage of tonight’s happenings:

Listening to Pichon Garcia speak outside of the gym, you’d guess he’d rather just train the whole day and forget everything else. And you’d be right, too. His love for the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu cannot be questioned. He is a consummate student of the sport and learns anything that can be learned on the mats. What he can’t find on the mats he finds in books, magazines, and videos.

The best thing about Pichon though is that his passion for learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is only exceeded by his passion to teach it to others. I can’t recall a moment when Pichon declined to teach anyone who asked him how to do an armbar, a triangle choke, an anaconda choke. The places where these lessons take place are at the gym locker room, living room of a busy birthday party, and other places where teaching isn’t really that easy.

It’s easy to love something when you’re good at it. It’s easy to take on something when you know that the end is in sight.

Is 4 years a long time? 5, 6 years? How about 16? When Professor Alvin Aguilar started our team back in 1995 here in the Philippines, he was just a Blue Belt under the Legendary Royce Gracie. Royce would only visit them (i wasn’t aware of any form of Jiu-Jitsu then) only years at a time. There were still a few students so the cost of inviting him over to the Philippines was very high. Since there wasn’t a Black Belt to promote them, Pichon would only get his Blue Belt in 1999. 4 years after putting on a gi and training everyday. Our team would eventually learn from another Black Belt, Kazeka Muniz, and after another 5 years of training, in 2004, Pichon would get his Purple Belt. By 2010, Master Alvin Aguilar had already began his journey as a Black Belt and would award Pichon his Brown Belt after 6 years of wearing his faded Purple Belt.

“A Black Belt is a White Belt who never quit”. That phrase cannot be more true for Pichon Garcia. From being the White Belt whom everyone picked on because they were much stronger than him, he became the man who guides and shouts his lungs out coaching Jiu-Jitsu competitors and MMA fighters from our team.

Under the guidance of Master Saulo Ribeiro and the Univeristy of Jiu-Jitsu, we recognize and congratulate once again, Professor Pichon Garcia who was awarded his Black Belt by Master Alvin Aguilar last September 22, 2011!  And despite incurring an injury last November 2011, we are welcoming him and dedicate this article to his strong and persistent come back to training this month! For us, you are a true inspiration that will push us to continue to pursue our life long goals in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, no matter what it takes. Even though you are only beginning your journey as a Black Belt, for us, you have always been one from the start.

B.A.M.F. Mixed Martial Arts Center today is a far cry from what it was when it first started. For those who were already around during its foundation, you know our story and you’ve seen the great changes and countless efforts we’ve undergone to ensure that everything is better and a little more perfect each time. Its been a little more than 3 years and with each passing month B.A.M.F. MMA has grown into the World Class MMA facility it was built and envisioned to be. Every year we get and meet more and more students, we build more and more solid relationships, we create champions, we’ve seen our team and family grow alongside our achievements; with each year we are stronger.

In a dedication Professor Alvin Aguilar wrote prior to the gym’s Grand Opening he said:

“I have now decided to take DEFTACs legacy to new heights as we now will have our own main gym. B.A.M.F. MMA centerIt is here where we can train all day long on a huge mat area without worrying about idiots complaining about us training overtime, or worrying about others shutting the lights off while training (i’m sure lots of you remember this). This will be OUR gym! The main gym. I have also been making the rounds to ensure that we have the best instructors here readily available  to take you guys to the next level. I really can’t wait to mold the next champions as there are lots now that are showing tremendous potential. Make sure that wemention your name and you surpass the names we earlier mentioned as your achievements grow!”

 — Professor Alvin’s words have proven true as we are and always have been living the DEFTAC Legacy.

When you start training at B.A.M.F. Mixed Martial Arts Center alongside our dedicated instructors and proven methods – you will learn to defend yourself and your loved ones and you will get fit and healthy while learning a martial art. More importantly, here at BAMF, you will find your 2nd home; you will meet interesting people, meet new friends and make new connections… AND… You make a lifelong commitment to the betterment of yourself as a whole and to our Team and Family.

PS. We hope you enjoyed the short teaser video c/o Prof. Alvin 🙂 You can expect really awesome features in the coming days so keep yourself posted and make sure you follow our blog!

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