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Exactly one week ago preparations and all the necessary arrangements for what I foresaw as a historical day for our Team DEFTAC-RIBIERO Jiu Jitsu came in to play.  No doubt, it was a historical event as our charter and second generation members joined the new members on the mat together once again as one team, and family, forever fulfilling a legacy we started 16 years ago.

The date was March 3, 2012 and it truly was a night of learning and training. Raffy Garcia, Joey Lepiten, Ali Khatibi, Gelo Reyes, Karl Rodriguez, and Marcus Valda are just a few of the guys who graced us with their presence,  sharing their expertise and experience on the mat.  Those in the know remember that ever since Team DEFTAC started competing in grappling tournaments there was never a time that we didn’t walk away as champions! Bagging countless medals and earning the overall team titles. I can’t stress enough how much we’ve achieved as a team and how much glory and pride each and every member of our family brings to our team and country. – Raffy Garcia and Joey Lepiten both won the open weight title in the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Training Association Tournament held in the U.S. They are the only homegrown Filipinos ever to achieve this feat. Then we have Ali, Gelo and Karl all second generation DEFTAC fighters who have also achieved countless Gold medals when they were in active competition. All of the above mentioned names are also undefeated in MMA competitions both underground and in the professional circuit. We’ve got all this talent, skill and potential to back us up for many years to come and that is why it is my duty to make sure that we are all constantly learning from each other years down the line taking each other to the next level.

This day was a beautiful exchange of techniques, concepts and stories from past battles together. This training session had two black belts, one brown belt, nine purple belts, nineteen blue belts and twenty five white belts. This group included three URCC Fighters, a SEA Games Multiple Gold medalist, two Gracie-jiu-jitsu Training Association Tournament Open Weight Champions, and Multiple gold medalists all on the same mat.

Keeping our legacy alive – this among other reasons is why to this day we are always one team and family. We made March 3, 2012 happen; we made it happen because we all have a duty to fulfill and a commitment to each other. We have a legacy to protect, to uphold and take to greater heights. Everything that happened last March 3 is only the beginning of what we have yet to achieve. –Now it’s been an awesome week since March 3 and we should all be very proud that we our following through with our commitment. Those who haven’t – Get with the program! Let’s do this together. Week 1 mission, ACCOMPLISHED!!!

After 16years we stand tall and proud that we are still ONE STRONG FAMILY!!! Anybody and everybody is welcome to join the team. THe only qualifications are a commitment to better yourself and the others around you through martial arts training. Pass by or call 3840314 for your free thirty day trial!!!:)


We’ve seen it happen a lot in our team and even DEFTAC history will tell us that a lot of real life L-O-V-E – Love Stories emerge when men and women find love in training.  First you love training, then you meet someone and love training together; and finally you find love in each other. But we’re not here to talk about love, and we’re definitely not out to force every man and woman to train with their partners. We the Factory of Champions, are simply just proud to present to you two of our Top Male and Female Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students who happen to be together; they train together and find inspiration in each other. Here is Andrew Laxa (BJJ 1st Degree Purple Belt) and Angela Ongkeko (2nd Degree White Belt). Both of them have been hand-chosen and selected by Professor Alvin Aguilar to be among the few chosen to represent DEFTAC PILIPINAS in the up and coming Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Championship.

While they’ve only got 2 weeks in for competition training, Prof. Alvin sees tremendous potential in both Angela and Andrew. In this video with Correspondent Satoki Kitazawa (BJJ 2nd Degree White Belt) They share with us how they feel about being among the chosen to represent the team and tell us how it feels to be doing it together! Enjoy!