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Its Summer and there’s no better way to get your kids prepared for the challenges they will face later on in life.




The Six Month Programs offered at B.A.M.F. Mixed Martial Arts Center are personally formulated and designed by our instructors and spearheaded by Prof. Alvin Aguilar. The syllabus prepared for each month you train, are all based on experience that  has been tried and tested throughout the 16 years of DEFTAC’s existence. When you enroll at B.A.M.F. you are guaranteed no Bull Shit. You enroll alongside your goals; you enroll with a purpose – and that is to achieve. With that being said, we are very proud to announce that last April 4, 2012 our first batch of students ever to enroll in the 6 month program have graduated.

Although, the number small, and the ceremony a humble one, it is a remarkable event that is truly one for the books. We say this because it has never been done before; not in DEFTAC and not ever in the Philiippines. It is the first of its kind. Even our old school students like Raffy Garcia see how much the team has grown in organization, finally and officially laying down the proper foundations without sacrificing the essence of family and real training. Gelo Reyes even went up to Prof. Alvin aside complaining, why Prof. hadn’t done this before – Why he had never received a certificate OR medal OR graduation from Alvin (and the students now get it ALL.:)) —- A testament to how effective our 6 month program has been is taken from a post on Facebook by our student/coach, Purple Belt Andrew Laxa:

 “You guys are incredibly lucky you have this. When I began training, the only means I had to evaluate myself was through competition. You guys have the opportunity to gauge what things you need to improve, without having to put it all on the line in a tournament. You are very lucky and i hope that you guys strive to do well, and appreciate this aspect of our training because it is all for you guys. See you guys tomorrow on the mats.” – (LAXA, 2012)

Now we rightfully Congratulate, Miguel Consing, Mark Cupino, Martin Toledo and Arthur Mori for accomplishing and graduating from the said Program! We’d also like to furthermore congratulate Martin and Mori for graduating with a Silver Medal of Excellence, top 2 of the batch! Congrats guys! For the students who participated in the program but didn’t graduate, your participation is very much appreciated, and we hope that you can continue with the journey you began with us. Once again, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!

PS. Please Check out —- and get a students perspective of the Graduation Ceremoney from our very own BJJ student, Mark Cupino who wrote an entry about the said graduation which includes pictures. MUST READ!