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With just less than 4 days to go till the 2012 World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championship in Long Beach, California. Our very own Andrew Laxa has finally arrived in San Diego! This year he will be fighting at Purple belt, and the only challenge for him now will be getting enough rest to fight jetlag. Usually, our students sent to fight abroad are sent 2 weeks in advance however, certain constraints which include Andrew’s passport renewal has kept him in the country till yesterday. Prof. Alvin is certain that Andrew’s performance this year will be exemplary, as he believes Andrew has grown in to his purple belt. More importantly Prof. Alvin’s main objective is to get students like Andrew exposure and of course be given the opportunity to train with the best in the world.  That is why, tomorrow, Andrew is scheduled to begin his last push for training at the University of Jiu Jitsu under the guidance of Prof. Saulo Ribeiro and Xande Ribeiro.

Joining Andrew in the U.S.A. is our Angela Ongkeko, who will also be fighting at the Mundials for the first time at white belt. Angela on the other hand will be training under the guidance of 5x World Champion Leticia Ribeiro at an All-Girls Worlds Training Camp where she will be training with the best Female black belts in BJJ including, Penny Thomas and Beatriz Mesquita.

“My goal is to get them exposed to the highest level of BJJ Competition, experience is what will make them better athletes for the sport. I know that no matter what happens Angela and Andrew will not come home empty-handed.” -Professor Alvin Aguilar

Right now we’re looking at our best students, two potential World Champions to add to our record! Later on we’ll be able to send more people to high-level international tournaments – as planned by Prof. Alvin. Now lets all keep our heads up for Andrew and Angela as they embark on a journey that is all part of DEFTAC  and Philippine History.


For years DEFTAC has raised and maintained a legacy of champions  and 16 years later there is no doubt that we are the #1 Absolute Best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team in the country.  Our performance in the last 2012 Pan Asian International Gi and No Gi Open is without question, real proof that DEFTAC is #1 and will continue to mold all of the country’s future champions.

Professor Alvin Aguilar realized years before that it is inherent in our team to always succeed.  Our methods have been tried and tested with time and experience, and our results speak for themselves. We’ve proven in so many ways that no matter what others try to do, even if they cheat us in 9 matches or more, we will always find our way to the top. Something sets us apart from all the other teams and this is what Prof. Alvin wanted all of us to realize, recognize and achieve:  the importance  of Commitment. — It all started last March 3, 2012 when all DEFTAC Chapters both old and new members, came together at the B.A.M.F. Mixed Martial Arts Center for what everyone thought was just another General Assembly. We all signed a commitment that day – Most of us who have been part of the DEFTAC Family since the beginning know that we’ve never formally signed anything to commit to one goal. So upon seeing the piece of paper, some didn’t take it too seriously and might’ve found it funny at first but most of us took it to heart, and everybody signed. Next to commitment, our unity and coordination is what kept us going throughout the 2 month preparation period we had. Constant communication, kept us organized and more united than ever. Last is loyalty and love, these are the two best traits DEFTAC has that no other team in the Philippines can level up to. With this, we were able to follow through with everything that we set out to achieve.

In essence, our victory really all boiled down to our commitment. This time we were more aware of our duty and responsibility for the whole team; it wasn’t just about ourselves. In war only those prepared to die win – we went all out we burned our ships at shore! We all finally learned that win or lose, we succeed because at the end of the day, we’re all one big family that look out for each other on and off the mats. For our inspiration to continue to fight together to the finish, we owe many thanks to our DEFTAC leaders, chapter heads and coordinators. All of this, came in to play and led us to where we stand today: A legacy that will live on forever because of all our efforts. Congratulations to DEFTAC once again, OVERALL CHAMPIONS!