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The 1st batch of JOTUNN-DEFTAC OFFICIAL GIs have finally arrived and is ready to serve the Philippines #1 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team in the Country DEFTAC PILIPINAS! Of course first dibs go to Prof. Alvin Aguilar; and for someone who doesn’t really care what gi he wears (as long as it fits) he says he Loves his new gi! We were able to pick up some good reviews from the man himself.

Prof. Alvin says that he’s never really had a favorite kimono brand before but for the record he’s worn, Keiko, Atama, Kauai, Gameness, RJJ, and Gracie Barra gis; and according to him, after wearing his DEFTAC-Jotunn Gi for the first time last Tuesday, he’s never worn a gi more comfortable than this one.

“All these years we’ve been wearing all kinds of Gi’s just working with team patches, sewing them on everywhere and now we finally have something that we can call our own! Every REAL member of Team Deftac-Ribeiro should have one!”                      

“The Jotunn-Deftac Gi is the first of it’s kind, and its the first Official DEFTAC PILIPINAS Gi that every member of our team would be very proud to have in their possession to use in training and competition.  This Crystal-Weave gi is superb. The cut and details are top-notch. Very comfortable, very sturdy, very light. The pants have six loops and a stretchy rope-like drawstring, and it’s my favorite drawstring of any BJJ pants I’ve had before cause I never have to worry about it getting stuck. They also have a different material in the crotch, more like the top. The top and pants fit perfectly! Overall a very nice kimono and its OURS! Jotunn lives up to its promise and its Proudly Pinoy another thing to be proud of thanks to Jose Tugas and his guys! -Prof. Alvin Aguilar

Remember guys its THE OFFICIAL GI of DEFTAC PILIPINAS and its finally available for Pre-order at the gym. If you would like to see the Gi for yourself there is an A3 available for sale in stock at B.A.M.F. Mixed Martial Arts Center. You can call us at 384-0314 for orders or you can go to the gym to order there!



Color – White with Blue and Red Logos and Trim

Gi Jacket:  Lightweight Crystal Weave

Pant:  Lightweight Cotton Blend Pant

PRICE: $160 (includes shipping)