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Eduard Folayang and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Between Eduard ‘The Landslide’ Folayang and Enomoto we already knew who the champion would be at the OneFC: Pride of a Nation; and indeed despite what some critics said, Folayang dominated and came out victorious! His victory not only serves as a beautiful comeback from his previous loss via split decision against Ole Laursen; its even more proof that this URCC fighter Eduard can ride and possibly topple the best MMA fighters in the world! The question now is  what did it take for The Landslide to dominate in his last fight and what will it take to make him an even more effective and  dangerous, overall fighter?

Just 2 months ago as Eduard was to jump start his MMA career from #1 in the Philippines to #1 in Asia, we found him at the Factory of Champions, B.A.M.F. Mixed Martial Arts Center, for a 2 week MMA training camp with none other than our Prof. Alvin Aguilar. Now It’s no secret that if you want to develop your ground here in the Philippines, you have to train with the best Brazilian Jiu-jitsu team in the country, that of course is DEFTAC PILIPINAS. There really is no better way to learn and master the fundamentals with the direct guidance of a real BJJ Black belt who can provide you the best and numerous sparring partners with proper technique and proper application. Eduard was provided all this and more! Here is an interview that we had with The Landslide right after training:

  • BAMF:        You’ve been to B.A.M.F. several times but this is the first time that you’re here for an all-around MMA training camp under Professor Alvin’s guidance. How has it been so far?
  • Eduard:       Its been great! First I’d like to thank Sir Willy for taking care of me, being very nice to me welcoming me to his home and its much hotter now with the gi on. Its the first time I’m training with gi and di pa ako sanay. Actually medyo nahihirapan nga ako. I feel like I should have been here earlier. I really want to focus on my ground game so I can finally get my orange belt. ..(laughs)
  • BAMF:       In your last fight against Ole Laursen you obviously were more dominant in terms of conditioning and striking, it was noted though that you needed to polish your wrestling and ground game how does it feel training with AlvinAguilar’s guidance in jiu jitsu with the assistance of Marcus Valda in wrestling?
  • Eduard:       It been very good.I’ve been learning how to keep myself in the right position. My clinch has been corrected so that I know how to use them in a real fight. It was my mistake for not training my ground game… Looking back at my fight I was just expecting Ole to strike with me as a k1 striking champion.. after the fight I realized that I need to work on more escapes and offense on the ground. I’m glad that I have sir Alvin teaching me proper technique and application. So far he’s given me solutions to holes in my game that I’m thankful for. With wrestling under Marcus, honestly this is my first formal lesson in a long time. The last time I tried wrestling was under the Mongolian coach at WAP.Marcus is a very good teacher and I trust Sir Alvin.
  • BAMF:      How confident are you in a scale from 1-10 with your fight less than 7 weeks away?
  • Eduard:    I can’t say.. but i can say that I’m always ready.
  • BAMF:      What specific techniques and aspects of your ground game have you and sir alvin been working on?
  • Eduard:    Today he showed me how to play from bad situations when I’m stuck on the bottom. He has also showed me how to play from my opponent guard, what to do to stop my opponent from getting a position to block his game and land strikes that will cause maximum damage. I learned how the crossface works and how important it is on the ground.
  • BAMF:        We’re really excited for your upcoming fight what are your  plans after your camp here?
  • Eduard:     I’ll be going back up to Baguio to work on my conditioning. I’m training here for two weeks only, but I wish I could stay longer. For sure I will be back very soon!
  • BAMF:       That’s really good to hear? We’re so proud of you and we love having you here at BAMF, the boys are really happy and we know for sure you came to the right place for training, what do you think about bamf?
  • Eduard:    Maganda dito, facilities are great and the deftac team is very supportive, I feel very welcome at the same time I’m learning a lot so I’m thankful for Bamf and sir alvin and his students helping me out to represent our country.
  • BAMF:            Alright thank you for your time Eduard, we’ll see you again tomorrow! Thank you!

Eduard was kind enough to provide us with this very straightforward and humble interview and we’re so proud of what he’s done for our Country in the realm of Mixed Martial Arts. He truly is something to be proud of. The best part is shortly after his last victory against Enomoto, The Landslide ran up to Prof. Alvin Aguilar (who was there coaching him forcibly on the side) and gave word that he will be back at B.A.M.F. Mixed Martial Arts Center for full on Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training so that he can go and take on even more high-level MMA fighters in the World!

This is going to be really exciting for the boys and girls at the gym! Don’t miss your chance to train with our champion cause he will be back for sure!  What’s even more exciting is we’ve got so much more to look forward to in Eduard’s career as he embarks on his next road to victory this November at the URCC’s 10th year anniversary! According to Prof. Alvin Aguilar’s tweets its going to be the biggest and best MMA show they’ve ever put on!!! Who’s NOT STOKED for that! Bring it!!