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Admit it or not, many of us Gi practitioners are hesitant about competing No-Gi. It’s no surprise since No-Gi grappling is fast paced, slippery and its not what we’re accustomed to with the Gi on. But the notion that its a whole different game isn’t so true. It may be a little different with the approaches but with just a little adjustments its still the martial art and sport we love, which is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Early this week Prof. Alvin Aguilar saw the need to address the uneasiness and fear of competing No-Gi. With the  ADCC ASIA-PACIFIC WORLD QUALIFYING TRIALS happening this weekend for the first time in the country, it was only perfect for Prof. Alvin to hold an ADCC Seminar for everyone, whether or not they are competing this weekend.  Needless to say the seminar last night was a complete eye-opener as he introduced everybody to several game approaches with perfect clarity.

The  ADCC Seminar focused on 5 key points. (1) What to expect during an ADCC match; (2) Getting familiar with the rules; (3) How to get out of the worst positions; (4) Improving your control; and (5) Learning some tactics for complete domination. Its no question that everyone who attended walked away with valuable techniques and information. He started off the seminar with the rules because they are different from the IBJJF set of rules. He then presented his system  which is a culmination of Prof. Alvin’s 20 years of experience. He provided all participants with 5 different game approaches serving as gateways to one another; from one position to multiple points for submission. Prof. Alvin is very particular about details especially in no gi where its easier to slide out of any submission. He explained thoroughly the mechanics behind every submission and how to effectively use the technique from any position. Bottom line is, if you didn’t attend, like all things, you completely missed out. The session ended with an open forum where Prof. Alvin addressed all questions in mind. It lasted for about another hour but that’s the way our DEFTAC head Coach is. You can be sure he didn’t leave anything out and it is his passion to share with everyone his knowledge to make sure that everybody, and we mean EVERYBODY becomes the best!

For so much information, we asked Prof. Alvin why he didn’t charge anything for it since he mentioned the worth of everything he was teaching and sharing. His answer was simple, number 1, he didn’t want anybody from DEFTAC to have any sort of excuse not to go out of their way and attend the seminar. Number 2, his goal is to make everybody good; when he established the BAMF MMA Center it wasn’t for business, but to provide a safe haven and place for training in order to grow and spread his passion for Martial Arts. As long as our students give their share of commitment and trust, it keeps the gym going, and the learning never stops.

If you really couldn’t make it, don’t worry, Alvin Lee and some of our boys from DEFTAC AIC alongside Jasmine Cuizon from DEFTAC Makati, made it out South to pick up all valuable lessons.  But it would have been a beautiful experience for you to witness and learn first-hand from the man himself. Next time just grab the opportunity or on regular days make time to learn from Our Black Belt, Our Founder, it’ll always be worth the trip and you’ll always have some valuable lessons to take home.

If you want to learn from the best and join in on the DEFTAC experience, visit The Factory of Champions, that’s B.A.M.F. Mixed Martial Arts Center. You can log on to our website on to know more about our extra special offer The 30 Day Free Trial, or give us a call right now 02.384.0314 to set an appointment. See you at the gym!