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By Alfred Gealogo

The name “DEFTAC” has been synonymous to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA for more than 2 decades. Truth is, our team is one of the biggest reasons BJJ and MMA are as big as it is here in our country. Considered by many as the biggest and the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team in Asia and known in the Philippines as a steady factory of champions, Deftac’s legacy of excellence will now be shared outside our country.

Yes, DEFTAC is going GLOBAL.

We now have our first international Deftac chapter in REPS Fitness Gym located in Johor, Bahru, Malaysia. The gym is headed by its owner and director Mr. Kim Lee Tan and last August 24, 2013, he and Prof. Alvin Aguilar put ink to paper and signed a contract marking Deftac’s first international expansion across Asia. REPS Fitness Gym’s main feature is Crossfit which is an excellent strength and conditioning program and it is just serendipitous that Deftac will now be providing REPS with our own boxing methodology that has been proven in the MMA ring and most especially our Deftac-Ribeiro Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program that has been churning out medals and overall championships for so many years. I’m very sure Master Saulo Ribeiro will be very happy to know that we are spreading golden BJJ knowledge across the shores and I am very sure soon enough, REPS will be another Gym filled with champions.

REPS Fitness Gym is comfortable situated in Johor, Bahru, Malaysia in between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Now, if you are looking for a good gym that can provide you with BJJ, Boxing, or Muay Thai instruction you would either travel to SG or KL. In Singapore, the costs are too high for some and to get some instruction you will have to deal with costly training, food, and other living expenses. In going to KL, you now have to deal with travelling a longer way to get to your gym of choice. That is why REPS Fitness Gym in Johor, Bahru is positioned to be the next Gym of choice for a lot of martial arts practitioners when it opens officially on September 12, 2013. Mr. Kim Lee Tan is now deep into training with Prof. Alvin Aguilar and as we all know, only great things can come out of that.


Cheers to Deftac and REPS Fitness Gym!


By Alfred Gealogo

On August 30, 2013 at 5pm, join us at B.A.M.F. MMA Center and add new weapons to your arsenal as our Judo Red and White Belt and Deftac-Ribeiro BJJ Blue Belt, Russel Choi will give us a Judo Seminar that is sure to bring you much closer to your goal of becoming a CHAMPION!

Russel Choi’s experience on competing and teaching the gentle art of Judo spans more than 3 decades. He is holds the rank of 6th Dan in the Korean Judo Association where he is a Red and White Belt (Yes, that is higher than a Black Belt). He has a degree under the Department of Judo and Physical Education from the College of Martial Arts in Yong-In University and he is also a Korean National Judo 1st Class Referee and also a 1st Class Instructor. He held tons of seminars and has taught different Military Units, Police Special Task Forces and countless National Judo Teams. Here in the Philippines he has helped our countrymen succeed in the art of Judo as the UP Los Banos Varsity Team Coach for Judo.

Now, he will share his wealth of knowledge with us and you would be doing yourself a disservice if you miss this chance to learn from him! Arm yourself with different throws, takedowns, takedown defense by learning from such a high-level Instructor in Master Russel Choi. We hope to see everyone this Friday!

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