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This BAMF is ready to go to war!

This BAMF is ready to go to war!

One of our own is ready to shock the world on Dec. 21, 2013 when he fights Doo Hwan Kim at REBEL FC in Singapore.

Anybody who has seen Chris Hofmann train in the gym knows how dedicated he is and how much trust he has for his team. Anybody who has trained with him has first hand knowledge of just how strong and dangerous this guy is. “I have never seen someone with such raw skill and power” says Professor Alvin Aguilar, a man who knows about martial arts and having power and strength in your body that turns other men into mere mortals.

Hofmann’s dedication to his training and the power he possesses has garnered him medals in different BJJ tournaments and a knockout finish in the recent AFC 7 held in Los Banos, Laguna. A week ago, news came to another one of our members Alfred Gealogo, the URCC’s current matchmaker that REBEL FC is in need of a fighter in short notice as Doo Hwan Kim of Korean Top Team’s opponent, Cristiano Kaminishi of Phuket Top Team has been injured during training. A lot of the pros contacted had to turn down the fight for various legitimate reasons and the only guy to step up to the plate is Chris Hofmann.

A lot of people in the MMA Community has expressed respect for the guts that Hofmann. He isn’t just fighting on short notice, this is his debut into the pro ranks and he is going to go against Doo Hwan Kim, a fighter that already has a 5-2 record which in the world of MMA could be considered a very experience opponent. Nonetheless, we are very confident that on Saturday, Chris Hofmann will shock the world and win his fight against Doo Hwan Kim. Let’s all support him and Coach Rain Balibalos who is flying with him to Singapore to corner him for this fight.

Goodluck to Chris Hofmann! War DEFTAC!