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Presenting: PROUDLY BAMF will be showcasing the best of our students and their notable achievements. We hope to inspire you to get started with your martial arts journey through these short videos. With that being said, we have here for our first feature ever… from our Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Fundamentals class: Martin Toledo! As one a both a family man and an active Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioner and competitor, Martin explains how he is able to balance his lifestyle, make time for family, work and training. He’s got no excuses to offer so for those of you who work during the day, here’s ¬†somebody who has managed to make training a part of his life. Start your martial arts journey today! The best time to learn is not later, it’s right now! Call 556-1940 and ask about our 30 Day Free Trial!¬†#deftac #ribeirojiujitsu #bamf #proudlybamf #team #family #champion


We are looking forward to meeting and sharing our knowledge with all kids, parents and would be parents attending our Free Deftac Bullyproof workshop. Now, just in case you’re thinking about coming but are still not convinced, here’s a briefer on what to expect at the workshop. Our main objective is to instill in your child the confidence so they may be able to overcome bullies without resorting to violence. We will teach your child verbal assertiveness and several non violence self-defense techniques that focus on leverage and control to stay safe if physically assaulted.

We won’t teach your kids to punch or kick. Your children will be able to defend against bullies without becoming one themselves.


Bullying happens more often with children with low self-esteem. In many cases children want to stand up for themselves against bullies but are held back by the fear of the physical harm and inability to defend themselves. The only way you can teach your child to have the confidence to back them-self up is to teach them how to defend the attack – confidence will then follow.


We will teach your child self defense with Jiu-jitsu as it’s base. Beside teaching techniques, we will also be showing them when they can and cannot use these moves. The Rules of engagement will be taught and rehearsed during the session to instill discipline in your child.


Your children will be taught how to speak assertively in different types of simulated scenarios. They will be taught how to make eye contact and how to stand in a confident posture to deter their bullies from the attack.

Prof. Alvin Aguilar, Coach Mike Tabamo and Coach Derrick Lopez will be covering a lot more so we hope to see everybody at BAMF tomorrow at 11am (Sept 6, 2014) .