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BAMF Mike Stone SeminarFor all Martial Arts heads out there, Mike Stone is not only an old school household name but a living legend indeed. When you talk about martial arts icons in Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, James Coburn, Ed Parker and the likes, Mike Stone is in the same class with those guys. He has embodied the lifestyle of life-long martial arts practitioner into his accomplishes, everyday living and how martial arts are shaped today. This former student of Bruce Lee, help paved the way for martial artist today, in a way that being a martial artist does not mean you have to be in a temple meditating all the time or stuck in a dojo trying to protect the holy grail of martial arts. With Mike Stone, it’s a different light on how he practiced his discipline. He has made an avenue for martial artist to be out there. Meaning, martial artist are more than just that “monk-like” lifestyle sippin on hot soup or being in an enclosed space all the time. He has helped martial arts to be part of Hollywood; he has worked with celebrities and made martial arts more understood by the public on how it could be dynamic lifestyle for people who aspire to live the martial artist ways.

Today, we see Ronda Rousey of the UFC, and all these other martial arts masters make it to the big screens. It’s all not possible if Mike Stone had not ventured in to movie production. He has shifted the traditional martial artist paradigm into a more dynamic, colourful and a hint of glamour. Mike Stone has worked with the Presleys –yes, Elvis and Priscilla Presley! He has worked shoulder to shoulder with other celebrities which in total helped the martial arts world to be closer to mainstream. When you see movies like “3 Ninjas”, “Karate Kids” and the likes, all of it can be back tracked to Mike Stone’s contribution in helping martial arts to be where it’s at today.

This 10 degree black belt in the discipline of Shorin-ryu Karate has had countless successes in and out of the martial arts world. He does not only win trophies, but he went beyond just excelling in competitions, but what he did most importantly is the intangibles that he did why martial arts is a must in every person’s life. In an excerpt from his biography tell the most perfect definition of what Mike Stone has done for the martial artist of today — Mike’s life and his experiences are varied and far-reaching with his long and successful career in athletics, in the movie industry, and the entertainment business, as well as being a writer, promoter, sports instructor, inventor, bodyguard and personal fitness trainer. These experiences, after years of introspection and reflection, have allowed him to create a comprehensive and dynamic program that allows anyone to make major positive lifestyle changes.

His famed seminar program, “Living Your Dreams Now,” has changed the lives of people who had heard him and applied the simple yet effective principles. The program involves the trilogy, which makes up who we are as human beings — ¬¬the body, mind, and spirit or soul. It focuses on the four primary aspects that impact upon every person’s daily life; specifically love energy, time, and money. Mike Stone lives on what excites his imagination – poetry, art, music, dog-training, playing tennis, and golf among others. He has published books of diverse topics and has masterfully applied in his life the very ideas that he espouse in his seminar talks and writings.

So the next time you see a picture of a “flying sidekick” (which was made popular by him), think of Mike Stone. You will definitely be inspired, once you have met Grandmaster Mike Stone. Make sure that you attend his FREE Motivational Seminar on Oct 14, 2014 at 8:00PM – This is all happening at the Factory of Champions, BAMF MMA Center. This is a free chance for you to perhaps look at life in a different perspective and who knows, it might just change your life. We look forward to having you at our gym! If you have any questions feel free to call us at 556-1940!