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2015 has just begun and just as we start the month of March so much has already transpired. Our team has grown and improved and this will only continue as the year rolls on.

1st General Assembly of 2015


As is the tradition, we start they year with our GA to make sure that everyone is on track, to calibrate techniques and learn new ones with our very own Prof. Alvin Aguilar, and of course to see the level of our members and determine who is up for promotion and stripes.

New Black Belt in the house!

The 1st 2015 GA was extremely special because we saw a someone awarded his Black Belt. It was extra significant because of the impact our new Black Belt has had on the whole team. He has literally fought and bled for us, he is a Filipino MMA legend and one truly gifted Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner who is truly idolized by everyone in the team and admired by many out of our group. So without further ado, Congratulations to Allan Co for attaining and receiving his Black Belt from Prof. Alvin!

black brown promotions

Other Promotions

Of course there were others from our brethren who were promoted in the GA and all of them were examples of hard work, persevering through pain and challenges and just fighting it in the mats.

First among them is a guy who has proved that you don’t have to start young to be successful. What you need is complete dedication and commitment and the rest will happen. Congratulations to Alvin Lee for his very well deserved promotion to Brown Belt. He has been breathing and living Jiu-Jitsu daily for the past 5 years and is a true testament to how far dedication and consistency will take you. Next, Congratulations as well to Karl Rodriguez for receiving his Brown Belt! Karl started out as a young kid, just like those who are part of our kid’s class, and he became one of the most gifted athletes in our team. He is also a successful MMA fighter and truly deserving of his new rank. He is also the younger brother of Fritz Rodriguez who is a Black Belt based in the US and a former URCC Champion and a pioneer member of Deftac.

Chad Aquino also gained his Purple Belt and proved to everyone that anyone can overcome injury and adversity to reach your goal. Chad has always been consistently training and offers no excuses. Congratulations!

Of course, Congratulations as well to Alexandria Natividad on her beautiful baby boy and her promtion to Blue Belt! Congratulations as well to Bryon Bayot and Louie Ong for their promotion to Blue Belt.

Last but never least, Congratulations to Charmaine Signson for her promtion to Green Belt!

Continue the great work guys! Strive to be better but never forget to help our brothers and sisters get better. We improve by helping and sharpening eachother!

purple blue promotions

Deftac-Cebu Seminar and Belt Promotions

deftac cebu

Recently, Prof. Alvin Aguilar flew to Cebu for a seminar hosted by our Deftac chapter there headed by Norman Go. In the seminar, everyone stated their commitment to training and to the team, to being better, and to continue the tradition of excellence of Deftac-Cebu.

Our brethren in Cebu not only enjoyed the techniques shared by our professor and fellow team mates who travelled to Cebu but of course they also celebrated the promotions that took place.

For the promotion to Purple Belt, we would like to Congratulate Aldie Cañizares and Jiggy Cañizares. The have been with Deftac-Cebu from the start and i personally remember Aldie’s Blue Belt gauntlet in the Mall Of Asia. What a gauntlet it was! Congratulations as well to Leo Gaerlan who is one of the most active competitors from Cebu and Phil Rizon and Kurt Ebarita for their much deserved promotion to Purple Belt.

Also, congratulations to Nigel Zuluaga and Niño Castro for their promtion to Blue Belt!

Your promotion is not the end, it is but a step towards the real beginning of your journey, your Black Belts!

Training and Preparation for the Pan-Asians and the Mundials

Two of the most important competition dates in our calendars are upon us and it is time to start preparing to make sure that we are at our best and ready to kick ass come competition time. The Pan-Asians is the best place to gauge our skill in the region and we have a tradition of doing really well in that competition, taking home the Overall championship many years in a row. Let us work hard to continue that and show to everybody the fruits of our hard work and perseverance.

Of course, every year we have a contingent that flies out to join the most prestigious BJJ competition out there which is the Mundials or the World Jiu-Jitsu Championships and it is our duty to help our brothers and sisters train for this event to make sure that they go back home to us with their gold medals.

This year’s contingent is our biggest yet and we truly hope that they take it all home with them.

Mundial Contingent


JR Rulloda

Michelle Masuda

Vince Ortiz

May Masuda

Jolly Co

Miguel Consing

Julio Gomez

Ryan Lastra


Prof. Alvin Aguilar Seminar in Davao on April 10

Prof. Alvin will be having a seminar with Deftac Davao on April 10, 2015. Our chapter in Davao has been doing really well with Miko Aquino and Gerard Gallos over there. Prof. Alvin will be sharing with our Davao brothers and sisters new techniques that will only make the Davao team better and stronger. We hope that you guys enjoy the seminar and soak it all in to make it truly successful!