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Last March 9, was a glorious day for Deftac Ribeiro Jiu-jitsu as our brothers Arthur Mori and Mark Cupino, the chapter heads of Deftac Alabang, were promoted to purple belt. It all happened in such a timely manner that just one week before Deftac Alabang turned one year (March 16, 2016) they have taken their BJJ journey to the next level. (IMG_2603They were promoted alongside our brother Ron Bautista from Deftac Ribeiro Jiu-jitsu Acacia Estates – blue belt)

We were able to chat with Arthur Mori, and he answered some key questions about his personal journey and how it has influenced and led Deftac Alabang through a whole year of success. Notably, Deftac Alabang brought home the Outstanding New Chapter of the Year Award at the last Annual Deftac Christmas Party Awards Night. We also got to hear from him first-hand their plans then and their goals for the rest of the year: READ ON…

1. How did you get into Jiu-jitsu and what made you stay?

I initially got into jiujitsu 5 years ago. My interest though goes all the way back 2002 but never got to train as i was prioritizing life after college back then, plus Noel Azarcon never invited me LOL. When 2011 came, i started to research on jiujitsu teams to enroll on, i remember the day i decided to enroll (wherein i was looking at another team). My good friend Martin Toledo messaged me via old school Yahoo Messenger and asked me if i wanted to participate in a free self defense seminar handled by Prof. Alvin Aguilar at Deftac’s HQ. After 2 seconds of reading that message i immediately said yes, and never looked back. My short term goal back then was for fitness as playing basketball regularly back then was talking a toll on my body.

2. When you started training did you ever see yourself competing? What was it like competing for the first time?

Not at all, i only competed because most of my batchmates did. The first competition was the deftac in house tournament. Competing for the first time was actually nerve wracking as i was only training for 3 weeks back then and i was going up with someone who was more seasoned. I did not win my match but was happy that i was not submitted, this actually made me hungrier and anxious for the next tournament.

3. What were your initial thoughts leading to the expansion of Deftac in Alabang with you and Mark Cupino heading it?

When we started to propose the idea to Prof. Alvin. We were actually not expecting that he would say yes, given the fact that we were only blue belts and that the proximity to Deftac HQ was too close. But Chief was open to the idea of opening Deftac’s doors in Alabang especially for new students. This has been our program since, As me and Mark teaches fundamental classes for white belts only. We do however find it very lucky that our very own blackbelt Prof. Pichon regularly trains with us and handles the class.

4. When you first opened Deftac Alabang. Were you expecting to grow as big as you guys have? did you foresee becoming outstanding new chapter of the year at the Annual Deftac Xmas party awards?

Definitely not, i remember me and Mark were planning and came to a conclusion that having 3 regular students would be enough. Now we are at 22 regular students. I guess me and Mark are doing something right in implementing what Chief oriented us when we started this chapter.

5. How does it feel being a purple belt and being considered one of the pillars of deftac?

Personally skill-wise i know i have a ton of stuff to work on to validate this new belt that was given to us. But with regards to coaching i believe me and Mark are actually doing pretty well as part of our curriculum is to actually mentor our students outside the mats and making sure that they carry the Deftac name the correct way and not by taking advantage of the gift of JiuJitsu. We ensure that our students stick to one another and be as tight as family, because at the end of the day your success in jiujitsu will always be dependent on the environment you are training on. Plus we always take time to have fun with our students outside of the gym smile emoticon.

6. How do you inspire your students to stay committed to training?

Definitely! This is a very essential part of running the gym. We make sure that training is fun, we make it a point that they actually enjoy the company of the people they are training with. Sometimes also, If our students need to take a time of from training we actually encourage them to do that. But we ensure to keep in touch with them regularly and hang out outside of training. This develops into a bond which eventually lures them back to jiujitsu.

7. How do you balance your full-time day job with training and teaching?

It is given with me and Mark that our priority is our day job. But when that day job ends, and the clock hits 7:30pm all our focus shift to the gym and our students. We are also fortunate enough to have most of our student experience the same schedule as we have, this makes it more easier for us whenever we need to reschedule gym hours.

8. Will you be competing this year?

Of course! The entire team will be competing in May for Pan-Asians, and come September most of us will be flying to Japan to compete in the Asian Open.


A Champion in SIX MONTHS OR LESS? They all laughed when we said that we could make anybody a champion in this amount of time. Did you ever think this could be possible? Unless you’re super talented, you’ve probably doubted this possibility. But, with our system and time-tested curriculum at BAMF, we make everything possible! We’ve proven, time and time again for almost 2 decades that YES, We CAN MAKE YOU A CHAMPION IN SIX MONTHS OR LESS.

Need proof? We awarded our latest batch of CHAMPIONS the RECOGNITION they DESERVE! With all their hard work, dedication, and heart – coupled with the guidance of Prof. Alvin Aguilar and our system of accelerated learning – they are now BONAFIDE MEMBERS OF THE 6 MONTH CHAMPION CLUB. These are ordinary people, they work, they go to school, they’re young and young at heart – they’re just like you! Let us begin by introducing the newest members that received their award last Friday.


  1. Juancho Mendoza – is a BANKER! Yes, he’s got high stress day job, with high stress deadlines and quotas to achieve EVERY MONTH. But that didn’t stop him from training regularly evenings before heading home and calling it a day! In less than 6 months, about 5 months into his training, he joined his first ever Jiu-jitsu competition and went home with a GOLD MEDAL in his division! He fought long and hard that day, in a stacked division, mostly with seasoned white belts, but nonetheless, he made it to the top!IMG_9677
  2. Patricia Gomez – Young, smart, beautiful and talented! Patricia Gomez at first sight would not be the type of girl you would imagine rolling on the mat with all the other sweaty boys and girls – she’s a singer; previously a contender for The Voice Philippines – yup she’s got talent! AND YES, SHE’S A CHAMPION in Jiu-jitsu! She achieved this feat 6 months into training, bringing home GOLD in the Women’s Absolute Division! More than all of that, Patricia Gomez has been studying for her board exam in Interior Design, balancing her time for study and training was tough but she made it through all of that, passing her board exam just last week! A singer, BJJ Champion, now a certified IDR and bonafide member of the 6 Month Champion Club!IMG_9676
  3. Ryan Lastra – A businessman and former triathlete! Ryan Lastra, showed everybody what was up when he joined his first ever BJJ Competition a little more than 2 months since he started training! He joined the masters and adults division all in one day and went home with 3 GOLD medals and 1 SILVER medal! Talk about a LEGIT CHAMPION! He trains early in the morning and even tries to make it to evening training! A real CHAMPION, now a bonafide member of the 6 Month Champion Club, and as if that wasn’t enough, he RECEIVED HIS BLUE BELT on the evening of his awarding.IMG_9684
  4. Francis Tapia – Francis could not make it to the awarding ceremony due to his crazy schedule as a flight attendant but we can never forget his astounding achievements for the team in competition. Just before his sixth month of training he became a double GOLD champion in the men’s adult white belt division at his first ever BJJ competition! All it took was dedication, trust and lots of heart! He’s working on making his game more well-rounded and we know he will continue on to make our family proud!
  5. Giordan Guiyab – An elite young pilot for Philippine Airlines, Giordan is a champion with a strong and dedicated heart and mind! He joined his first competition with less than 5 months of experience and took home his first GOLD MEDAL! He first got into Jiu-jitsu because he was inspired by his better half Patricia Gomez’ victories and sought it out as a way for them to spend more time together, as he follows a very busy schedule – frequently flying. He’s a fast learner, very committed and tries his best to be consistent with his training!

We also awarded some of our long time members of the 6 Month Champion Club like Michelle Masuda and Vince Ortiz – who have long been upholding the legacy of this club alongside all our other 6 month champion members (e.g. Maybelline Masuda – first Filipino World Champion and Asian Beach Games Gold Medalist; Chris Hofmann – URCC Champion and Multiple Double and Quadruple Gold Medalist; Kat Del Rosario – Double Gold Medalist; Paula Ditona – Gold medalist in 6 months; Sandra De las Alas – Gold medalist in less than 6 months; Patrick Lubaton – Double Gold Medalist in 6 months)  . All these men and women, hold a place in BAMF and DEFTAC History, they inspire many of us to keep striving to be the best that we can be. Nothing is impossible once you’ve set your mind to it and trust in our guidance and our proven system. Congratulations once again and cheers to more conquering and victories to come!

By ensuring that you and everybody else around you is constantly getting at least 1% better everyday, there is no reason for you not to be able to make history on a daily basis. This is what Prof. Alvin Aguilar reminds his students everyday – and it has been a key ingredient in the recipe of success behind BAMF MMA Center.

It is therefore no wonder that BAMF has been awarded a Golden Globe award for Business Excellence, and Certified BEST company and brand this 2015 in the country. The awarding ceremony was held at the Manila Hotel last April 11, 2015 and received by Aguilar’s first son Liam.


Alvin Liam Aguilar Jr. receiving the Golden Globe Annual Award for Business Excellence on behalf of his father Alvin Aguilar for B.A.M.F. Mixed Martial Arts Center last April 11, 2015 at the Manila Hotel.

The Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence works hand in hand with the Golden Globe Awards Council, National Data Research Examiner and Marketing Services, Inc., Philippine Best Companies. Com, Inc., SINAG News Magazine and SINAG Foundation, Inc.

The Award’s Council believes that companies striving for top-notch quality of business performance are those that exemplify business excellence and reap success; following a rigid six-point criteria by the National Data Research Examiner and Marketing Services, Inc. which includes (1) Innovative Business Practices; (2) Quality of Products and Services; (3) Value Proposition and Pricing; (4) Customer Concern and Intimacy; (5) Reputable and Ethical Business Image; and (6) Truthfulness in Business Management.

When asked about how such prestige was achieved, Prof. Alvin responded, “I guess we must’ve done something right. You reap what you sow. What started out as a plain and simple venue and haven for our athletes surprisingly turned out to be a huge success and life changer for many.”

BAMF Mixed Martial Arts Center on it’s road to achieving a GOLDEN GLOBE AWARD for BUSINESS EXCELLENCE has gone through 7 years of change and improvement.

In October 2008 when BAMF MMA first opened it’s doors  it had one vision and goal in mind, which was to provide the team with a venue and haven to train and practice Martial Arts all day, everyday and any time.

The gym started out as a hobby for Prof. Alvin Aguilar; serving mainly as a place for him to train with friends and students. After less than a year of operation the gym picked up a huge volume of students genuinely interested in becoming competitors in BJJ and MMA, later on becoming our champions. BAMF later became known as The Factory of Champions. With the increasing number of students, what started out as a hobby inevitably became a successful business.

Over the years improvements were gradually laid out in the gym, little by little further improving and developing the facility. Later on Prof. Alvin went out of his way to explore the business aspect of a gym by attending seminars abroad on gym management and building a business around it. The fitness aspect of Mixed Martial Arts was later explored, which drew in an even larger amount of students than ever before.

B.A.M.F. became a multi-faceted MMA facility and community devoted to help adults and kids achieve their personal fitness and martial arts goals. To this day, the factory of champions produces, not just champions on the mat or in the ring, but champions in life!

B.A.M.F. stands the largest MMA facility in the country, gaining the official title on GMA’s Pinoy Records in December 2012 and continues to offer a variety of classes with flexible schedules and world class instruction from real, qualified and legitimate instructors (No Mcdojo, No Papawis lang).

Aside from that, BAMF houses the top MMA and BJJ competitors in Asia and is home to over 300 members. The 30 Day Free Trial offer is what has drawn in people from all over the country to experience high quality training risk free!

So if you’re looking for a place to train, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Wrestling and Muay Thai, there’s not much to think about when deciding. Go to BAMF Mixed Martial Arts Center and experience the difference.