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2015 has just begun and just as we start the month of March so much has already transpired. Our team has grown and improved and this will only continue as the year rolls on.

1st General Assembly of 2015


As is the tradition, we start they year with our GA to make sure that everyone is on track, to calibrate techniques and learn new ones with our very own Prof. Alvin Aguilar, and of course to see the level of our members and determine who is up for promotion and stripes.

New Black Belt in the house!

The 1st 2015 GA was extremely special because we saw a someone awarded his Black Belt. It was extra significant because of the impact our new Black Belt has had on the whole team. He has literally fought and bled for us, he is a Filipino MMA legend and one truly gifted Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner who is truly idolized by everyone in the team and admired by many out of our group. So without further ado, Congratulations to Allan Co for attaining and receiving his Black Belt from Prof. Alvin!

black brown promotions

Other Promotions

Of course there were others from our brethren who were promoted in the GA and all of them were examples of hard work, persevering through pain and challenges and just fighting it in the mats.

First among them is a guy who has proved that you don’t have to start young to be successful. What you need is complete dedication and commitment and the rest will happen. Congratulations to Alvin Lee for his very well deserved promotion to Brown Belt. He has been breathing and living Jiu-Jitsu daily for the past 5 years and is a true testament to how far dedication and consistency will take you. Next, Congratulations as well to Karl Rodriguez for receiving his Brown Belt! Karl started out as a young kid, just like those who are part of our kid’s class, and he became one of the most gifted athletes in our team. He is also a successful MMA fighter and truly deserving of his new rank. He is also the younger brother of Fritz Rodriguez who is a Black Belt based in the US and a former URCC Champion and a pioneer member of Deftac.

Chad Aquino also gained his Purple Belt and proved to everyone that anyone can overcome injury and adversity to reach your goal. Chad has always been consistently training and offers no excuses. Congratulations!

Of course, Congratulations as well to Alexandria Natividad on her beautiful baby boy and her promtion to Blue Belt! Congratulations as well to Bryon Bayot and Louie Ong for their promotion to Blue Belt.

Last but never least, Congratulations to Charmaine Signson for her promtion to Green Belt!

Continue the great work guys! Strive to be better but never forget to help our brothers and sisters get better. We improve by helping and sharpening eachother!

purple blue promotions

Deftac-Cebu Seminar and Belt Promotions

deftac cebu

Recently, Prof. Alvin Aguilar flew to Cebu for a seminar hosted by our Deftac chapter there headed by Norman Go. In the seminar, everyone stated their commitment to training and to the team, to being better, and to continue the tradition of excellence of Deftac-Cebu.

Our brethren in Cebu not only enjoyed the techniques shared by our professor and fellow team mates who travelled to Cebu but of course they also celebrated the promotions that took place.

For the promotion to Purple Belt, we would like to Congratulate Aldie Cañizares and Jiggy Cañizares. The have been with Deftac-Cebu from the start and i personally remember Aldie’s Blue Belt gauntlet in the Mall Of Asia. What a gauntlet it was! Congratulations as well to Leo Gaerlan who is one of the most active competitors from Cebu and Phil Rizon and Kurt Ebarita for their much deserved promotion to Purple Belt.

Also, congratulations to Nigel Zuluaga and Niño Castro for their promtion to Blue Belt!

Your promotion is not the end, it is but a step towards the real beginning of your journey, your Black Belts!

Training and Preparation for the Pan-Asians and the Mundials

Two of the most important competition dates in our calendars are upon us and it is time to start preparing to make sure that we are at our best and ready to kick ass come competition time. The Pan-Asians is the best place to gauge our skill in the region and we have a tradition of doing really well in that competition, taking home the Overall championship many years in a row. Let us work hard to continue that and show to everybody the fruits of our hard work and perseverance.

Of course, every year we have a contingent that flies out to join the most prestigious BJJ competition out there which is the Mundials or the World Jiu-Jitsu Championships and it is our duty to help our brothers and sisters train for this event to make sure that they go back home to us with their gold medals.

This year’s contingent is our biggest yet and we truly hope that they take it all home with them.

Mundial Contingent


JR Rulloda

Michelle Masuda

Vince Ortiz

May Masuda

Jolly Co

Miguel Consing

Julio Gomez

Ryan Lastra


Prof. Alvin Aguilar Seminar in Davao on April 10

Prof. Alvin will be having a seminar with Deftac Davao on April 10, 2015. Our chapter in Davao has been doing really well with Miko Aquino and Gerard Gallos over there. Prof. Alvin will be sharing with our Davao brothers and sisters new techniques that will only make the Davao team better and stronger. We hope that you guys enjoy the seminar and soak it all in to make it truly successful!





BAMF GRAND OPENING copyWhen the BAMF MMA Center was first opened, it looked very much different from how it does now. There was more soil than cement and we even had to go through someone else’s door to get to our gym. What we had going for us was a BJJ Black Belt that was determined to make champions and a group of students that were willing to make the sacrifice to become champions.

Fast forward to 2014 and we are now the most dominant team in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu here in the country. We have the URCC belt back in our possession and the future just looks so bright for everyone. To celebrate all this and to give back to our students who are the reason for our success, BAMF MMA Center have cooked up some new things for everyone which is BAMF MMA RELOADED!

On Jan. 31, 2014, come visit the gym and be treated to a night of fun where there will be food and drinks for everyone. We will be announcing and launching new programs and schedules for everyone to enjoy and we will also be giving special rates and discounts to be availed by those who are interested. Of course there will be music for everyone to enjoy and the night will be capped off by the first inaugural URCC Fight Night wherein the URCC will be showcasing FOUR Professional MMA Fights.

The fight card will be as follows:

Meshaal Alkhuzeem VS Arvin Chan

Genil Francisco VS Hideo Morikawa

Ramonito Pabroa VS Drex Zamboanga

JR Bermoy VS Carlo Laurel

So on January 31, 2014 at 7pm, make sure that you are at BAMF MMA Center so we can thank you and celebrate all of our success together! See you Friday!

This BAMF is ready to go to war!

This BAMF is ready to go to war!

One of our own is ready to shock the world on Dec. 21, 2013 when he fights Doo Hwan Kim at REBEL FC in Singapore.

Anybody who has seen Chris Hofmann train in the gym knows how dedicated he is and how much trust he has for his team. Anybody who has trained with him has first hand knowledge of just how strong and dangerous this guy is. “I have never seen someone with such raw skill and power” says Professor Alvin Aguilar, a man who knows about martial arts and having power and strength in your body that turns other men into mere mortals.

Hofmann’s dedication to his training and the power he possesses has garnered him medals in different BJJ tournaments and a knockout finish in the recent AFC 7 held in Los Banos, Laguna. A week ago, news came to another one of our members Alfred Gealogo, the URCC’s current matchmaker that REBEL FC is in need of a fighter in short notice as Doo Hwan Kim of Korean Top Team’s opponent, Cristiano Kaminishi of Phuket Top Team has been injured during training. A lot of the pros contacted had to turn down the fight for various legitimate reasons and the only guy to step up to the plate is Chris Hofmann.

A lot of people in the MMA Community has expressed respect for the guts that Hofmann. He isn’t just fighting on short notice, this is his debut into the pro ranks and he is going to go against Doo Hwan Kim, a fighter that already has a 5-2 record which in the world of MMA could be considered a very experience opponent. Nonetheless, we are very confident that on Saturday, Chris Hofmann will shock the world and win his fight against Doo Hwan Kim. Let’s all support him and Coach Rain Balibalos who is flying with him to Singapore to corner him for this fight.

Goodluck to Chris Hofmann! War DEFTAC!


EBC Philippines or Escola Brasileira Capoeira Philippines is the country’s top school to learn Capoeira from. Aside from that, they will also teach you about its history, and its philosophy, and most importantly, about the Brazilian culture that it was cultivated from. They are the first official school in the Philippines with instructors that come from their main school in Brasilia Brazil.

Capoeira is a beautiful Brazilian martial art that incorporates the elements of dance, music, and acrobatics. While it is very much like a choreographed presentation to the untrained eye, it is filled with movements that can be used in real-world self defense. With its variety of kicks and spins coupled with sweeps, low attacks and high attacks, it is a martial art that is just as effective as it is beautiful especially when the cartwheels and other acrobatic moves meant to evade an attack is demonstrated by the masters. It is truly an art that is complex but is, and can be very enjoyable to learn and practice.

This October 05, 2013 at 10am we will be holding a free Capoeira seminar to be led by none other than EBC Philippines’ Mestre Fantasma and Instrutora Adorinha, here at the B.A.M.F. Center. This is to introduce to everyone who are interested the wonders of Capoeira and to get them to start on their journey in this beautiful martial art as starting October we are going to begin to offer classes to those who want to learn Capoeira from the best people who can teach it in this country every 10am on Saturdays.

capoeira flyer copy

Join us this Saturday at the B.A.M.F. MMA Center and learn more about Capoeira and Brazilian Culture. Special discounts and gift cards will be given to those people who will be attending this very exciting and momentous event!

See you at 10am on October 5, 2013 at the B.A.M.F.MMA Center!

By Alfred Gealogo

On August 30, 2013 at 5pm, join us at B.A.M.F. MMA Center and add new weapons to your arsenal as our Judo Red and White Belt and Deftac-Ribeiro BJJ Blue Belt, Russel Choi will give us a Judo Seminar that is sure to bring you much closer to your goal of becoming a CHAMPION!

Russel Choi’s experience on competing and teaching the gentle art of Judo spans more than 3 decades. He is holds the rank of 6th Dan in the Korean Judo Association where he is a Red and White Belt (Yes, that is higher than a Black Belt). He has a degree under the Department of Judo and Physical Education from the College of Martial Arts in Yong-In University and he is also a Korean National Judo 1st Class Referee and also a 1st Class Instructor. He held tons of seminars and has taught different Military Units, Police Special Task Forces and countless National Judo Teams. Here in the Philippines he has helped our countrymen succeed in the art of Judo as the UP Los Banos Varsity Team Coach for Judo.

Now, he will share his wealth of knowledge with us and you would be doing yourself a disservice if you miss this chance to learn from him! Arm yourself with different throws, takedowns, takedown defense by learning from such a high-level Instructor in Master Russel Choi. We hope to see everyone this Friday!

russel judo seminar copy

Admit it or not, many of us Gi practitioners are hesitant about competing No-Gi. It’s no surprise since No-Gi grappling is fast paced, slippery and its not what we’re accustomed to with the Gi on. But the notion that its a whole different game isn’t so true. It may be a little different with the approaches but with just a little adjustments its still the martial art and sport we love, which is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Early this week Prof. Alvin Aguilar saw the need to address the uneasiness and fear of competing No-Gi. With the  ADCC ASIA-PACIFIC WORLD QUALIFYING TRIALS happening this weekend for the first time in the country, it was only perfect for Prof. Alvin to hold an ADCC Seminar for everyone, whether or not they are competing this weekend.  Needless to say the seminar last night was a complete eye-opener as he introduced everybody to several game approaches with perfect clarity.

The  ADCC Seminar focused on 5 key points. (1) What to expect during an ADCC match; (2) Getting familiar with the rules; (3) How to get out of the worst positions; (4) Improving your control; and (5) Learning some tactics for complete domination. Its no question that everyone who attended walked away with valuable techniques and information. He started off the seminar with the rules because they are different from the IBJJF set of rules. He then presented his system  which is a culmination of Prof. Alvin’s 20 years of experience. He provided all participants with 5 different game approaches serving as gateways to one another; from one position to multiple points for submission. Prof. Alvin is very particular about details especially in no gi where its easier to slide out of any submission. He explained thoroughly the mechanics behind every submission and how to effectively use the technique from any position. Bottom line is, if you didn’t attend, like all things, you completely missed out. The session ended with an open forum where Prof. Alvin addressed all questions in mind. It lasted for about another hour but that’s the way our DEFTAC head Coach is. You can be sure he didn’t leave anything out and it is his passion to share with everyone his knowledge to make sure that everybody, and we mean EVERYBODY becomes the best!

For so much information, we asked Prof. Alvin why he didn’t charge anything for it since he mentioned the worth of everything he was teaching and sharing. His answer was simple, number 1, he didn’t want anybody from DEFTAC to have any sort of excuse not to go out of their way and attend the seminar. Number 2, his goal is to make everybody good; when he established the BAMF MMA Center it wasn’t for business, but to provide a safe haven and place for training in order to grow and spread his passion for Martial Arts. As long as our students give their share of commitment and trust, it keeps the gym going, and the learning never stops.

If you really couldn’t make it, don’t worry, Alvin Lee and some of our boys from DEFTAC AIC alongside Jasmine Cuizon from DEFTAC Makati, made it out South to pick up all valuable lessons.  But it would have been a beautiful experience for you to witness and learn first-hand from the man himself. Next time just grab the opportunity or on regular days make time to learn from Our Black Belt, Our Founder, it’ll always be worth the trip and you’ll always have some valuable lessons to take home.

If you want to learn from the best and join in on the DEFTAC experience, visit The Factory of Champions, that’s B.A.M.F. Mixed Martial Arts Center. You can log on to our website on to know more about our extra special offer The 30 Day Free Trial, or give us a call right now 02.384.0314 to set an appointment. See you at the gym!

Last Friday at the Dutdutan XII Tattoo Convention, the URCC presented 5 action packed bouts from just some of the best MMA fighters in the Philippines! To start the night the event kicked off with two K.O.s; a sure treat for everybody at the event. Our team DEFTAC Pilipinas served the evening with all-out support for Red Romero debuting with his first official MMA fight representing Team Deftac.

While others were worried about Red’s bout, including Prof. Alvin Aguilar. Red remain calm and sure that he would come out victorious trusting only in everything that Prof. Alvin has been teaching him in training the past 4 months.

For Red Romero, all it took was one knee to the head of Arnel Arancena. After that the fight was over, the extreme damage to Arnels face was enough for the ring doctor to call the match in Red’s favor.

Prof. Alvin, has pointed out several aspects of Reds game that they need to polish and work on. URCC Cutman and coach at BAMF MMA Center, Carlos Castaneda pointed out that Red could have done a lot better and that we can blame it on “ring rust” since it has been 5 months since his last MMA fight.

Red battled it out to the finish! He’s hard working and is always out to learning something new while teaching and training at BAMF MMA Center in Paranaque. With his talent and knack for learning we’ve got a lot to look forward to in the future for him in MMA.

Red is set to fight this Dec 1, 2012 at URCC Dekada. If you didn’t catch him at Dutdutan, you better watch out for him at the only 1oth Year Anniversary of URCC!! History in the making! See you there!