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You  don’t normally expect people to come in to train on a Saturday cause you know they’re probably hung-over from Friday night or have got plans for the evening BUT its a completely different story here at B.A.M.F. Mixed Martial Arts Center! We’re really proud of it, but our students have developed enough discipline to make sure that they are consistently training and getting better. We’re not called The Factory of Champions for nothing because everyday we’re developing champions and they’re walking in and out of our gym all the time.

So here we are on a Saturday night and our Muay Thai Head Coach, Mike Bunag called for a sparring meet for his students. —-It definitely did NOT DISAPPOINT! The Muay Thai sparring session drew MUCH ATTENTION earlier this evening, especially with the special participation of Multiple Sea Games Gold Medalist & URCC Heavy-weight Champion, Marcus Valda. Of course the lovely ladies of our Muay Thai Program Riz Sanglay and Yna Pascual were there too brawling it out with the boys. Whats really nice about our program is that it caters to all types of students, whether you want to compete or not, you have opportunities like this to apply what you are learning in class! — Here is correspondent Jed Monte (16 year old BJJ Blue Belt – with a little sneak peak footage of tonight’s happenings: