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When you think about the first few women who trained and actually accelerated in the early years of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the Philippines, 1 name comes to mind first: Maybelline Masuda. Don’t let her small frame and sweet looks deceive you; this 100Lb girl has been fighting since 2008 and has even had to fight (and has actually won) in the Men’s division for a few years, being the only woman competitor in the early Philippine Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu scene. You can even search for her videos on YouTube if you don’t believe me!


Maybelline or May, as we all call her, started training with us in April 2008. Even early into her training, May has never been afraid of stepping out of her comfort zone to compete and represent our team, bringing home shiny gold medals each and every time. She rightfully received her Blue Belt after being crowned the first Filipina World Champion at the 2009 World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships at Long Beach, California. After 3 years of consistent training and active competition, she received her Purple belt on September 2012, becoming the first homegrown Filipina to attain this rank. It was then she started teaching the first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Girls Team (and still continues to do so every Saturday at BAMF). In November 2014, May made our team and country proud yet again by winning the first ever Gold Medal in the history of the Philippines’ participation in the Asian Beach Games.


After a long hiatus from the competition scene, May came back this 2016 and proved that she has still got it in her! After fighting at this year’s Asian Open Championship, she received her Brown Belt, making her the first homegrown Filipina to achieve this. 8 years of hard work and dedication to the sport and her team has made a big part of who May Masuda is today. 29 Gold medals, 9 silver medals, and 8 Bronze medals later, she is still the same eager young woman with a champion’s heart who first entered the gym; only now with so many girls (and boys) looking up to her.


Year after year, victory after victory, we are always getting bigger, stronger, and better! The first half of the year has now officially passed which mostly consisted of us achieving goals and winning together as one team (business as usual). But 2016 is far from over! As we enter the second half of the year, we look back once more at our successes for the past 7 months, celebrate them, and then continue on STRONG, bearing in mind that we carry the name of the BIGGEST and BEST team in Asia on our backs!

Rollapalooza 1st Grand Prix


Rollapalooza is a local BJJ competition known for it’s chill vibe and atmosphere where practitioners from different teams are able to gather, mingle, and appreciate the art that is our sport. Early on in 2015, the organizers of said event decided to do something that has not yet been done in the history of Jiu-Jitsu in the Philippines: Hold a Grand Prix. The 2 Rollapalooza Grand Prix Qualifiers were held last year, and as expected, a bunch of our DEFTAC competitors made it to the podium with shiny medals around their necks, fully qualified for the next and final round!

The day of the Grand Prix arrived and our DEFTAC competitors did not disappoint! 3 got the Gold: Gerard Gallos, Michelle Masuda, and Franco Rulloda took home the ultimate prize, being crowned the best in the country for their respective divisions. 8 took home the Bronze namely Amir Arias, Jam Cantos, Gian Fontanilla, Carl Fontiveros, Efraim Gomez, Patricia Gomez, Joey Lepiten, and Sam Nepomuceno.

Pan-Asians 2016


The Pan Asian International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open is an annual competition held in our country which usually takes place in the middle of the year. It is the most prestigious event for BJJ practitioners in South East Asia. Exciting fights ensue with only the best of the best duking it out for the prized title of Pan Asian Champion along with a shiny Gold medal.

2016 marks DEFTAC‚Äôs 20th anniversary and we definitely stood up and fought HARD as one FAMILY, proving to everyone that this is yet again OUR YEAR!!! The official Team Tally doesn’t lie! For Masters Gi & No Gi, Kids, and Adults No Gi,¬†we are ranked #1, giving¬†us the title of ¬†OVERALL TEAM CHAMPIONS for the 6th consecutive year! — This DOMINATION would not have been possible without the joint effort of ALL our CHAPTERS, both new and old who have been and are producing champions EVERYDAY!!!

World Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championships 2016


Every BJJ practitioner dreams of travelling to the Walter Pyramid at Long Beach, California to compete at the grandest stage of them all- The Worlds!

This year we had the largest Philippine Mundials contingent. Leading the pack is Maybelline Masuda who is the first Filipina World Champion. Along with her were multiple time National champions, Kimberly Custodio, Gian Fontanilla, Gerard Gallos, Jan Hao, Michelle Masuda, and JR Rulloda. THAT’S RIGHT, 7 DEFTAC WARRIORS, SHOWED THE WORLD WHAT WAS UP.

All of our DEFTAC competitors worked their hardest in preparation for battle and fought valiantly when the day came. In the end, we had not 1 but 2 podium finishers! Kimberly Custodio brought home silver for the Women’s White Belt Roosterweight division and Maybelline Masuda brought home bronze for the Women’s Purple Belt division.

URCC 27: Rebellion


Red Romero and Chris Hofmann

In victory and defeat, we are always PROUD of our DEFTAC warriors!

Chris Hofmann went toe to toe with URCC veteran and knockout King, Caloy “Bad Boy” Baduria, exchanging powerful blows from beginning to end. After two action-packed rounds, our very own Hofmann emerged VICTORIOUS and was crowned the new URCC Light Heavyweight Champion!!

URCC Fight Night


Chris Hofmann and Jericho Tomagan

For URCC’s first Fight Night event of the year, we sent out 2 of our DEFTAC warriors with 1 leaving the cage TRIUMPHANT!

Amidst the hype for Baron Geisler vs. Kiko Matos, our very own Chris Hofmann put on quite the show in the main event against Arvin Chan who cockily challenged him online to a one on one bout. Our URCC Light Heavyweight Champion gladly accepted and destroyed him in 2 rounds, winning via TKO via referee stoppage!

Fight Con Philppines 2016


For the first fight and conditioning convention in the country, our own Franco Rulloda and Vince Ortiz were each asked to participate in a super fight. If you know us, none of our DEFTAC warriors ever turn down the opportunity to show the World why we are the best! V

The unstoppable duo gave fight fans an explosive show of talent, skill, and technique, both overwhelming their respective opponents and leaving the building VICTORIOUS! Our own Gabby Alipe was also in attendance with a few of his band Urbandub’s well-known song numbers for the crowd.


We’ve got a whole jam packed 2nd half of the year ahead, with these DEFTAC FAMILY AFFAIRS TO LOOK FORWARD TO:

Deftac Competition Field Trip to [ASIAN OPEN – TOKYO JAPAN] – Sept 10-11, 2016

Xande Ribeiro SEMINAR – Sept 17 (TENTATIVE)

DEFTAC Congress – Oct 28-30, 2016




This BAMF is ready to go to war!

This BAMF is ready to go to war!

One of our own is ready to shock the world on Dec. 21, 2013 when he fights Doo Hwan Kim at REBEL FC in Singapore.

Anybody who has seen Chris Hofmann train in the gym knows how dedicated he is and how much trust he has for his team. Anybody who has trained with him has first hand knowledge of just how strong and dangerous this guy is. “I have never seen someone with such raw skill and power” says Professor Alvin Aguilar, a man who knows about martial arts and having power and strength in your body that turns other men into mere mortals.

Hofmann’s dedication to his training and the power he possesses has garnered him medals in different BJJ tournaments and a knockout finish in the recent AFC 7 held in Los Banos, Laguna. A week ago, news came to another one of our members Alfred Gealogo, the URCC’s current matchmaker that REBEL FC is in need of a fighter in short notice as Doo Hwan Kim of Korean Top Team’s opponent, Cristiano Kaminishi of Phuket Top Team has been injured during training. A lot of the pros contacted had to turn down the fight for various legitimate reasons and the only guy to step up to the plate is Chris Hofmann.

A lot of people in the MMA Community has expressed respect for the guts that Hofmann. He isn’t just fighting on short notice, this is his debut into the pro ranks and he is going to go against Doo Hwan Kim, a fighter that already has a 5-2 record which in the world of MMA could be considered a very experience opponent. Nonetheless, we are very confident that on Saturday, Chris Hofmann will shock the world and win his fight against Doo Hwan Kim. Let’s all support him and Coach Rain Balibalos who is flying with him to Singapore to corner him for this fight.

Goodluck to Chris Hofmann! War DEFTAC!


Admit it or not, many of us Gi¬†practitioners are¬†hesitant¬†about competing No-Gi. It’s no surprise since No-Gi grappling is fast paced, slippery and its not what we’re accustomed to with the Gi on. But the notion that its a whole different game isn’t so true. It may be a little different with the approaches but with just a little adjustments its still the martial art and sport we love, which is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. ¬†Early this week Prof. Alvin Aguilar saw the need to address the uneasiness and fear of competing No-Gi. With the ¬†ADCC ASIA-PACIFIC WORLD QUALIFYING TRIALS happening this weekend for the first time in the country, it was only perfect for Prof. Alvin to hold an ADCC Seminar for everyone, whether or not they are competing this weekend. ¬†Needless to say the seminar last night was a complete eye-opener as he introduced everybody to several game approaches with perfect clarity.

The ¬†ADCC Seminar focused on 5 key points. (1) What to expect during an ADCC match; (2) Getting familiar with the rules; (3) How to get out of the worst positions; (4) Improving your control; and (5) Learning some tactics for complete domination. Its no question that everyone who attended walked away with valuable techniques and information. He started off the seminar with the rules because they are different from the IBJJF set of rules. He then presented his system ¬†which is a culmination of Prof. Alvin’s 20 years of experience. He provided all participants with 5 different game approaches serving as gateways to one another; from one position to multiple points for submission. Prof. Alvin is very particular about details especially in no gi where its easier to slide out of any submission. He explained thoroughly the mechanics behind every submission and how to effectively use the technique from any position. Bottom line is, if you didn’t attend, like all things, you completely missed out. The session ended with an open forum where Prof. Alvin addressed all questions in mind. It lasted for about another hour but that’s the way our DEFTAC head Coach is. You can be sure he didn’t leave anything out and it is his passion to share with everyone his knowledge to make sure that everybody, and we mean EVERYBODY becomes the best!

For so much information, we asked Prof. Alvin why he didn’t charge anything for it since he mentioned the worth of everything he was teaching and sharing. His answer was simple, number 1, he didn’t want anybody from DEFTAC to have any sort of excuse not to go out of their way and attend the seminar. Number 2, his goal is to make everybody good; when he established the BAMF MMA Center it wasn’t for business, but to provide a safe haven and place for training in order to grow and spread his passion for Martial Arts. As long as our students give their share of commitment and trust, it keeps the gym going, and the learning never stops.

If you really couldn’t make it, don’t worry, Alvin Lee and some of our boys from DEFTAC AIC alongside Jasmine Cuizon from DEFTAC Makati, made it out South to pick up all valuable lessons. ¬†But it would have been a beautiful experience for you to witness and learn first-hand from the man himself. Next time just grab the opportunity or on regular days make time to learn from Our Black Belt, Our Founder, it’ll always be worth the trip and you’ll always have some valuable lessons to take home.

If you want to learn from the best and join in on the DEFTAC experience, visit The Factory of Champions, that’s B.A.M.F. Mixed Martial Arts Center. You can log on to our website on to know more about our extra special offer The 30 Day Free Trial, or give us a call right now 02.384.0314 to set an appointment. See you at the gym!

Last Friday at the Dutdutan XII Tattoo Convention, the URCC presented 5 action packed bouts from just some of the best MMA fighters in the Philippines! To start the night the event kicked off with two K.O.s; a sure treat for everybody at the event. Our team DEFTAC Pilipinas served the evening with all-out support for Red Romero debuting with his first official MMA fight representing Team Deftac.

While others were worried about Red’s bout, including Prof. Alvin Aguilar. Red remain calm and sure that he would come out victorious trusting only in everything that Prof. Alvin has been teaching him in training the past 4 months.

For Red Romero, all it took was one knee to the head of Arnel Arancena. After that the fight was over, the extreme damage to Arnels face was enough for the ring doctor to call the match in Red’s favor.

Prof. Alvin, has pointed out several aspects of Reds game that they need to polish and work on. URCC Cutman and coach at BAMF MMA Center, Carlos Castaneda pointed out that Red could have done a lot better and that we can blame it on “ring rust” since it has been 5 months since his last MMA fight.

Red battled it out to the finish! He’s hard working and is always out to learning something new while teaching and training at BAMF MMA Center in Paranaque. With his talent and knack for learning we’ve got a lot to look forward to in the future for him in MMA.

Red is set to fight this Dec 1, 2012 at URCC Dekada. If you didn’t catch him at Dutdutan, you better watch out for him at the only 1oth Year Anniversary of URCC!! History in the making! See you there!

Eduard Folayang and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Between Eduard ‘The Landslide’ Folayang and Enomoto we already knew who the champion would be at the OneFC: Pride of a Nation; and indeed despite what some critics said, Folayang dominated and came out victorious! His victory not only serves as a beautiful comeback from his previous loss via split decision against Ole Laursen; its even more proof that this URCC fighter Eduard can ride and possibly topple the best MMA fighters in the world! The question now is ¬†what did it take for The Landslide to dominate in his last fight and what will it take to make him an even more effective and ¬†dangerous, overall fighter?

Just 2 months ago as Eduard was to jump start his MMA career from #1 in the Philippines to #1 in Asia, we found him at the Factory of Champions, B.A.M.F. Mixed Martial Arts Center, for a 2 week MMA training camp with none other than our Prof. Alvin Aguilar.¬†Now It’s no secret that if you want to develop your ground here in the Philippines, you have to train with the best Brazilian Jiu-jitsu team in the country, that of course is DEFTAC PILIPINAS. There really is no better way to learn and master the fundamentals with the direct guidance of a real BJJ Black belt who can provide you the best and numerous sparring partners with proper technique and proper application. Eduard was provided all this and more! Here is an interview that we had with The Landslide right after training:

  • BAMF: ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†You’ve been to B.A.M.F. several times but this is the first time that you’re here for an all-around MMA training¬†camp under Professor Alvin’s guidance. How has it been so far?
  • Eduard:¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Its been great! First I’d like to thank Sir Willy for taking care of me, being very nice to me welcoming me to his home and its much hotter now with the gi on. Its the first time I’m training with gi and di pa ako sanay. Actually¬†medyo nahihirapan nga ako.¬†I feel like I should have been here earlier. I really want to focus on my ground¬†game so I can finally get my orange belt. ..(laughs)
  • BAMF: ¬† ¬† ¬† In your last fight against Ole Laursen you obviously were more dominant in terms of conditioning and striking,¬†it was noted though that you needed to polish your wrestling and ground game how does it feel training with¬†AlvinAguilar’s guidance in jiu jitsu with the assistance of Marcus Valda in wrestling?
  • Eduard:¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†It been very good.I’ve been learning how to keep myself in the right position. My clinch has been corrected so¬†that I know how to use them in a real fight. It was my mistake for not training my ground game… Looking back¬†at my fight I was just expecting Ole to strike with me as a k1 striking champion.. after the fight I realized that I¬†need to work on more escapes and offense on the ground. I’m glad that I have sir Alvin teaching me proper¬†technique and application. So far he’s given me solutions to holes in my game that I’m thankful for.¬†With¬†wrestling under Marcus, honestly this is my first formal lesson in a long time. The last time I tried wrestling was¬†under the Mongolian coach at WAP.Marcus is a very good teacher and I trust Sir Alvin.
  • BAMF: ¬† ¬† ¬†How confident are you in a scale from 1-10 with your fight less than 7 weeks away?
  • Eduard: ¬† ¬†I can’t say.. but i can say that I’m always ready.
  • BAMF: ¬† ¬† ¬†What specific techniques and aspects of your ground game have you and sir alvin been working on?
  • Eduard: ¬† ¬†Today he showed me how to play from bad situations when I’m stuck on the bottom. He has also showed me¬†how to play from my opponent guard, what to do to stop my opponent from getting a position to block his game¬†and land strikes that will cause maximum damage.¬†I learned how the crossface works and how important it is on¬†the ground.
  • BAMF: ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†We’re really excited for your upcoming fight what are your ¬†plans after your camp here?
  • Eduard: ¬† ¬† I’ll be going back up to Baguio to work on my conditioning. I’m training here for two weeks only, but I wish I¬†could stay longer. For sure I will be back very soon!
  • BAMF: ¬† ¬† ¬† That’s really good to hear? We’re so proud of you and we love having you here at BAMF, the boys are really¬†happy and we know for sure you came to the right place for training, what do you think about bamf?
  • Eduard: ¬† ¬†Maganda dito, facilities are great and the deftac team is very supportive, I feel very welcome at the same time¬†I’m learning a lot so I’m thankful for Bamf and sir alvin and his students helping me out to represent our¬†country.
  • BAMF: ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Alright thank you for your time Eduard, we’ll see you again tomorrow! Thank you!

Eduard was kind enough to provide us with this very straightforward and humble interview and we’re so proud of what he’s done for our Country in the realm of Mixed Martial Arts. He truly is something to be proud of. The best part is shortly after his last victory against Enomoto, The Landslide ran up to Prof. Alvin Aguilar (who was there coaching him forcibly on the side) and gave word that he will be back at B.A.M.F. Mixed Martial Arts Center for full on Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training so that he can go and take on even more high-level MMA fighters in the World!

This is going to be really exciting for the boys and girls at the gym! Don’t miss your chance to train with our champion cause he will be back for sure! ¬†What’s even more exciting is we’ve got so much more to look forward to in Eduard’s career as he embarks on his next road to victory this November at the URCC’s 10th year anniversary! According to Prof. Alvin Aguilar’s tweets its going to be the biggest and best MMA show they’ve ever put on!!! Who’s NOT STOKED for that! Bring it!!