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Year after year, victory after victory, we are always getting bigger, stronger, and better! The first half of the year has now officially passed which mostly consisted of us achieving goals and winning together as one team (business as usual). But 2016 is far from over! As we enter the second half of the year, we look back once more at our successes for the past 7 months, celebrate them, and then continue on STRONG, bearing in mind that we carry the name of the BIGGEST and BEST team in Asia on our backs!

Rollapalooza 1st Grand Prix


Rollapalooza is a local BJJ competition known for it’s chill vibe and atmosphere where practitioners from different teams are able to gather, mingle, and appreciate the art that is our sport. Early on in 2015, the organizers of said event decided to do something that has not yet been done in the history of Jiu-Jitsu in the Philippines: Hold a Grand Prix. The 2 Rollapalooza Grand Prix Qualifiers were held last year, and as expected, a bunch of our DEFTAC competitors made it to the podium with shiny medals around their necks, fully qualified for the next and final round!

The day of the Grand Prix arrived and our DEFTAC competitors did not disappoint! 3 got the Gold: Gerard Gallos, Michelle Masuda, and Franco Rulloda took home the ultimate prize, being crowned the best in the country for their respective divisions. 8 took home the Bronze namely Amir Arias, Jam Cantos, Gian Fontanilla, Carl Fontiveros, Efraim Gomez, Patricia Gomez, Joey Lepiten, and Sam Nepomuceno.

Pan-Asians 2016


The Pan Asian International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open is an annual competition held in our country which usually takes place in the middle of the year. It is the most prestigious event for BJJ practitioners in South East Asia. Exciting fights ensue with only the best of the best duking it out for the prized title of Pan Asian Champion along with a shiny Gold medal.

2016 marks DEFTAC’s 20th anniversary and we definitely stood up and fought HARD as one FAMILY, proving to everyone that this is yet again OUR YEAR!!! The official Team Tally doesn’t lie! For Masters Gi & No Gi, Kids, and Adults No Gi, we are ranked #1, giving us the title of  OVERALL TEAM CHAMPIONS for the 6th consecutive year! — This DOMINATION would not have been possible without the joint effort of ALL our CHAPTERS, both new and old who have been and are producing champions EVERYDAY!!!

World Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championships 2016


Every BJJ practitioner dreams of travelling to the Walter Pyramid at Long Beach, California to compete at the grandest stage of them all- The Worlds!

This year we had the largest Philippine Mundials contingent. Leading the pack is Maybelline Masuda who is the first Filipina World Champion. Along with her were multiple time National champions, Kimberly Custodio, Gian Fontanilla, Gerard Gallos, Jan Hao, Michelle Masuda, and JR Rulloda. THAT’S RIGHT, 7 DEFTAC WARRIORS, SHOWED THE WORLD WHAT WAS UP.

All of our DEFTAC competitors worked their hardest in preparation for battle and fought valiantly when the day came. In the end, we had not 1 but 2 podium finishers! Kimberly Custodio brought home silver for the Women’s White Belt Roosterweight division and Maybelline Masuda brought home bronze for the Women’s Purple Belt division.

URCC 27: Rebellion


Red Romero and Chris Hofmann

In victory and defeat, we are always PROUD of our DEFTAC warriors!

Chris Hofmann went toe to toe with URCC veteran and knockout King, Caloy “Bad Boy” Baduria, exchanging powerful blows from beginning to end. After two action-packed rounds, our very own Hofmann emerged VICTORIOUS and was crowned the new URCC Light Heavyweight Champion!!

URCC Fight Night


Chris Hofmann and Jericho Tomagan

For URCC’s first Fight Night event of the year, we sent out 2 of our DEFTAC warriors with 1 leaving the cage TRIUMPHANT!

Amidst the hype for Baron Geisler vs. Kiko Matos, our very own Chris Hofmann put on quite the show in the main event against Arvin Chan who cockily challenged him online to a one on one bout. Our URCC Light Heavyweight Champion gladly accepted and destroyed him in 2 rounds, winning via TKO via referee stoppage!

Fight Con Philppines 2016


For the first fight and conditioning convention in the country, our own Franco Rulloda and Vince Ortiz were each asked to participate in a super fight. If you know us, none of our DEFTAC warriors ever turn down the opportunity to show the World why we are the best! V

The unstoppable duo gave fight fans an explosive show of talent, skill, and technique, both overwhelming their respective opponents and leaving the building VICTORIOUS! Our own Gabby Alipe was also in attendance with a few of his band Urbandub’s well-known song numbers for the crowd.


We’ve got a whole jam packed 2nd half of the year ahead, with these DEFTAC FAMILY AFFAIRS TO LOOK FORWARD TO:

Deftac Competition Field Trip to [ASIAN OPEN – TOKYO JAPAN] – Sept 10-11, 2016

Xande Ribeiro SEMINAR – Sept 17 (TENTATIVE)

DEFTAC Congress – Oct 28-30, 2016





Presenting: PROUDLY BAMF will be showcasing the best of our students and their notable achievements. We hope to inspire you to get started with your martial arts journey through these short videos. With that being said, we have here for our first feature ever… from our Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Fundamentals class: Martin Toledo! As one a both a family man and an active Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioner and competitor, Martin explains how he is able to balance his lifestyle, make time for family, work and training. He’s got no excuses to offer so for those of you who work during the day, here’s  somebody who has managed to make training a part of his life. Start your martial arts journey today! The best time to learn is not later, it’s right now! Call 556-1940 and ask about our 30 Day Free Trial! #deftac #ribeirojiujitsu #bamf #proudlybamf #team #family #champion

We are looking forward to meeting and sharing our knowledge with all kids, parents and would be parents attending our Free Deftac Bullyproof workshop. Now, just in case you’re thinking about coming but are still not convinced, here’s a briefer on what to expect at the workshop. Our main objective is to instill in your child the confidence so they may be able to overcome bullies without resorting to violence. We will teach your child verbal assertiveness and several non violence self-defense techniques that focus on leverage and control to stay safe if physically assaulted.

We won’t teach your kids to punch or kick. Your children will be able to defend against bullies without becoming one themselves.


Bullying happens more often with children with low self-esteem. In many cases children want to stand up for themselves against bullies but are held back by the fear of the physical harm and inability to defend themselves. The only way you can teach your child to have the confidence to back them-self up is to teach them how to defend the attack – confidence will then follow.


We will teach your child self defense with Jiu-jitsu as it’s base. Beside teaching techniques, we will also be showing them when they can and cannot use these moves. The Rules of engagement will be taught and rehearsed during the session to instill discipline in your child.


Your children will be taught how to speak assertively in different types of simulated scenarios. They will be taught how to make eye contact and how to stand in a confident posture to deter their bullies from the attack.

Prof. Alvin Aguilar, Coach Mike Tabamo and Coach Derrick Lopez will be covering a lot more so we hope to see everybody at BAMF tomorrow at 11am (Sept 6, 2014) .


By Alfred Gealogo

This coming September 22, 2013 approximately at 7:00 pm the Academy Fighting Championship which is better known as the AFC in partnership with the URCC, our country’s premiere and Asia’s longest running MMA promotion is bringing us URCC-AFC 7 Fight Night to be staged at the Pacita Astrodome in San Pedro Laguna.

This event will pit the best amateur MMA practitioners from different gyms and academies we have in the region against each other so that we can find out who the next young MMA standout is. It’s good practice and both the AFC and URCC believes that we need to develop the fighters from the grassroots level if we want it to make the sport even bigger in the Philippines. Hopefully more will come out of this partnership as the AFC qualifiers held at the B.A.M.F. MMA Center last July 27, 2013 proved to be something that the fans really enjoyed.

Headlining URCC-AFC 7 is Deftac-RIbeiro’s JR “The Infamous” Rulloda vs. Solomon “The Prodigy” Dultra of Tough Guys International. I don’t know a lot about “The Prodigy” but I like to believe such nick names aren’t given out lightly so I’m thinking “The Infamous” will have his hands full and he will need to step up his training for this one. What I do know is that JR Rulloda comes from a family of fighters starting from his Dad Noel Rulloda (who can kick my ass even if I am much younger than him) who is an excellent boxing practitioner and striking coach, and his brother Franco Rulloda who is one of Deftac’s most talented BJJ practitioners and is also a talented MMA fighter.

Also fighting for Deftac will be Jericho Tomagan and Dale Corpus.  Jericho made a bloody mess of his opponent during the qualifiers and though he is very tough in the stand-up game, he is no slouch on the ground either. He is a Blue Belt in BJJ under Prof. Alvin Aguilar and his fight will surely be one of the most exciting ones to watch. Dale Corpus is one of B.A.M.F. MMA Center’s pioneer MMA students. Unlike other MMA fighters who usually have a striking or grappling based game, Dale did not have any background in fighting when he joined Deftac and he is one of the new breed of fighters who are truly MMA trained from the get go. He won impressively in the qualifiers and this next challenge to win in the URCC-AFC 7 will prove if he truly has what it takes to take it to the next level.

With AFC events happening every other month, we’ve got more and more opportunities to develop our home grown champions. Things are looking up for our DEFTAC Amateur and Professional fighters with a great MMA training team backing up our MMA Head Coach Rain Balibalos. To name a few alongside Prof. Alvin Aguilar are Richard Lasprilla, Lino Tagacay, Myron Mangubat, Hideo Morikawa, Red Romero, and Vincent Palicte are among the people seen training our fighters at The Factory of Champions– and if you follow the Real Philippine MMA Scene, these names are no stranger to you, so watch out!


We hope to see everyone at the Pacita Astrodome to cheer for our team mates who will be fighting not only for themselves but for all of us!

By: Alfred Gealogo


“I never imagined there would ever be this many girls training consistently and regularly in BJJ.” says May Masuda, Deftac’s first Lady Purple Belt who heads the Girls Team at BAMF MMA Center. Ms. Masuda is the first ever Filipino to win a Gold Medal at World Championship of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is effectively the country’s first ever world champ. “Our girls are so technical and they are willing to work harder than everybody else. It’s no surprise they learn so fast that I am not kidding when I say they can give our men’s team a run for their money. I am so happy and proud of what we have accomplished. We are only going to get better.” She adds.

In the recently concluded Philippine Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Nationals the women of Deftac definitely made themselves heard. The likes of Sandra De Las Alas, Paula Ditona, Alexandria Natividad, Kat Del Rosario, Abigail Limbonhai and Charmaine Singson showed everyone that there was a new force to come out of Deftac. These ladies went on the podium and kicked ass in their divisions even if sometimes there was some shady scoring against them. Also earlier this year, Florence Soliman of Deftac-Cebu made her 2nd splash at the Pan Asians and dominated against her competition. She showed everybody why our team down south is the most respected in that region. Jasmine Cuizon joined May Masuda this year, training for the World BJJ Championship; she came home with great experience and a Gold Medal from Naga. Others such as Cat Lonzame, Jamillah Dilabakun, Dastine Sumatra, Jam Cantos, Pauline Bolos, Hanna Son and many others, are starting to show everyone that they are truly part of this team of Champions.


Significant others are also joining in on the fun. Besides, the Alvin Lee and Alex Natividad tandem, there’s Allan Co, long heralded as one of Deftac’s most talented members and one of the first URCC Champions, now has his wife competing on the mats alongside him: Jolly Co recently won the Gold medal at this year’s Deftac In-House Competition. While MC Aquino who is Bart Bartolome’s reason for having very happy Facebook Statuses won the Silver Medal.  And of course, Andrew Laxa and girlfriend Angela Ongkeko have been seen for a long time in different Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitions together hauling medals when they go home.

So the girls are here to stay and that can only be a good thing for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the country.

Wrestling for Girls is now being offered at B.A.M.F. MMA Center!

By: Alfred Gealogo


Last Saturday August 31, 2013 was a great day for our Girls Team as they upgraded their Wrestling game by learning from the best female Coach Tina Vergara of WAP. It is no secret that Wrestling is one of our team’s greatest weapons on the mat and is one of the main reasons why we do so well in BJJ Tournaments as well as in MMA.

Coach Tina, a multiple SEA Games gold medalist has represented our country time and time again in training abroad and competing. Thanks to her and her 21 years of experience beginning when she was only 14 years old, B.A.M.F. MMA Center will now officially be offering Wrestling Classes for Girls every Saturday at 2pm (boys are welcome to join!) If the ladies can’t make it to the 2pm wrestling, that shouldn’t be a problem with the Exclusive BJJ Classes for Girls headed by our very own Maybelline Masuda at 5pm every Saturday still remaining in place.

Deftac has another home in Makati!


We recently got a peek at the newly constructed City Club Gym at the Alphaland Condominiums in Makati during its soft opening last August 26, 2013 and I’m telling you it is one of the most beautiful and complete facilities I have ever seen.

It has a gigantic badminton court, countless rows of treadmills overlooking Makati, tons of free weights and weight machines and everything imaginable that you might need for strength and conditioning training. Of course the centrepiece of the place is its full-sized Boxing Ring surrounded by different sized punching bags and speed balls. There is also a lounge for the coaches, an Air Pistol Room where you can shoot different pistols and assault rifles to your heart’s content, a Tobacco Lounge and of course, several restaurants offering French, Japanese and Mediterranean Cuisine for that after-training food binge. Space is something that this place has a lot of and that probably is its best asset. There’s just plenty of room to move about and do your thing.

Image               Image 









It was just the soft-opening so a lot more upgrades are in store for those lucky enough to be a member of this ultra-exclusive gym. Yes, it won’t be open to the public but only for those who own a unit in the building and are allowed to purchase a membership.

Deftac will soon be offering its proven programs for MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the City Club Gym so we will expect new members to join our ever growing family of Champions very soon.