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A Champion in SIX MONTHS OR LESS? They all laughed when we said that we could make anybody a champion in this amount of time. Did you ever think this could be possible? Unless you’re super talented, you’ve probably doubted this possibility. But, with our system and time-tested curriculum at BAMF, we make everything possible! We’ve proven, time and time again for almost 2 decades that YES, We CAN MAKE YOU A CHAMPION IN SIX MONTHS OR LESS.

Need proof? We awarded our latest batch of CHAMPIONS the RECOGNITION they DESERVE! With all their hard work, dedication, and heart – coupled with the guidance of Prof. Alvin Aguilar and our system of accelerated learning – they are now BONAFIDE MEMBERS OF THE 6 MONTH CHAMPION CLUB. These are ordinary people, they work, they go to school, they’re young and young at heart – they’re just like you! Let us begin by introducing the newest members that received their award last Friday.


  1. Juancho Mendoza – is a BANKER! Yes, he’s got high stress day job, with high stress deadlines and quotas to achieve EVERY MONTH. But that didn’t stop him from training regularly evenings before heading home and calling it a day! In less than 6 months, about 5 months into his training, he joined his first ever Jiu-jitsu competition and went home with a GOLD MEDAL in his division! He fought long and hard that day, in a stacked division, mostly with seasoned white belts, but nonetheless, he made it to the top!IMG_9677
  2. Patricia Gomez – Young, smart, beautiful and talented! Patricia Gomez at first sight would not be the type of girl you would imagine rolling on the mat with all the other sweaty boys and girls – she’s a singer; previously a contender for The Voice Philippines – yup she’s got talent! AND YES, SHE’S A CHAMPION in Jiu-jitsu! She achieved this feat 6 months into training, bringing home GOLD in the Women’s Absolute Division! More than all of that, Patricia Gomez has been studying for her board exam in Interior Design, balancing her time for study and training was tough but she made it through all of that, passing her board exam just last week! A singer, BJJ Champion, now a certified IDR and bonafide member of the 6 Month Champion Club!IMG_9676
  3. Ryan Lastra – A businessman and former triathlete! Ryan Lastra, showed everybody what was up when he joined his first ever BJJ Competition a little more than 2 months since he started training! He joined the masters and adults division all in one day and went home with 3 GOLD medals and 1 SILVER medal! Talk about a LEGIT CHAMPION! He trains early in the morning and even tries to make it to evening training! A real CHAMPION, now a bonafide member of the 6 Month Champion Club, and as if that wasn’t enough, he RECEIVED HIS BLUE BELT on the evening of his awarding.IMG_9684
  4. Francis Tapia – Francis could not make it to the awarding ceremony due to his crazy schedule as a flight attendant but we can never forget his astounding achievements for the team in competition. Just before his sixth month of training he became a double GOLD champion in the men’s adult white belt division at his first ever BJJ competition! All it took was dedication, trust and lots of heart! He’s working on making his game more well-rounded and we know he will continue on to make our family proud!
  5. Giordan Guiyab – An elite young pilot for Philippine Airlines, Giordan is a champion with a strong and dedicated heart and mind! He joined his first competition with less than 5 months of experience and took home his first GOLD MEDAL! He first got into Jiu-jitsu because he was inspired by his better half Patricia Gomez’ victories and sought it out as a way for them to spend more time together, as he follows a very busy schedule – frequently flying. He’s a fast learner, very committed and tries his best to be consistent with his training!

We also awarded some of our long time members of the 6 Month Champion Club like Michelle Masuda and Vince Ortiz – who have long been upholding the legacy of this club alongside all our other 6 month champion members (e.g. Maybelline Masuda – first Filipino World Champion and Asian Beach Games Gold Medalist; Chris Hofmann – URCC Champion and Multiple Double and Quadruple Gold Medalist; Kat Del Rosario – Double Gold Medalist; Paula Ditona – Gold medalist in 6 months; Sandra De las Alas – Gold medalist in less than 6 months; Patrick Lubaton – Double Gold Medalist in 6 months)  . All these men and women, hold a place in BAMF and DEFTAC History, they inspire many of us to keep striving to be the best that we can be. Nothing is impossible once you’ve set your mind to it and trust in our guidance and our proven system. Congratulations once again and cheers to more conquering and victories to come!


It’s been almost a month after our last graduation ceremony here at the Factory of Champions, July 62012 to be exact was the last, and next week we’ll be having our 3rd official commencement exercise to give honor most especially to the students who have actively participated and completed their 6 month program in their respective classes. Before we all look forward to the next batch let us look back and commemorate the last one we had and give recognition to all our notable students.

July 6th, 2012 just like every night at B.A.M.F MMA that Friday night was full-house, with Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and both adult and kids Jiu-Jitsu classes going on almost simultaneously. On the mats, Professor Alvin Aguilar himself leads the evening session, teaching a signature Ribeiro pressure passing variation – jamming into an opponent’s guard, catching him unaware and quickly gaining side control. Professor Aguilar emphasized that the keys to the move are precision and speed, in that order.

It wasn’t an ordinary day of training though. For some students, it marked the completion of the six-month program, their graduation day. It is B.A.M.F.MMACenter’s philosophy that it takes that specific amount of time to attain the minimum physical readiness in the martial arts, no more and no less. At thrice a week for a span of 180 days, the full benefits of training are realized: one learns the rudiments and builds the attributes for self-defense, while evidently getting overall improved fitness. Graduation is, as always has been, held in special regard at this gym, as it represents a student’s true commitment to the training. This however, merely marks the end of the first step.

For some students, it marked the completion of the six-month program, their graduation day. It is B.A.M.F. MMA Center’s philosophy that it takes that specific amount of time to attain the minimum physical readiness in the martial arts, no more and no less.

Jiu-Jitsu white belts Miguel Consing and Chris Azarraga have just recently finished their six-months, and are entering the next phase of their training, but have decided to take it up a notch with B.A.M.F. upgrade programs. These not only boost students’ learning and mastery of Jiu-Jitsu principles, it also multiplies their money’s value.

Chris is a newly enrolled GOLD member. As such, he can enjoy daily training, versus the standard three times weekly session. He also has free open mat, where he has unlimited use of the gym’s facilities to train and roll anytime he wants. He also no longer has to pay the general assembly fee.

Miguel will begin his ELITE program in three weeks. He enjoys all the perks of GOLD training, plus free twice a week Wrestling classes for six months. The Wrestling program is the perfect complement to Jiu-Jitsu, particularly in the advanced levels, furthering a student’s grasp of, and skill in takedowns, leverage, positioning, and power. In charge of B.A.M.F. Wrestling is head coach and multiple medal winner Marcus Valda, a champion wrestler and Jiu-Jitsu practitioner who has trained and successfully competed around the world.

Graduation is also game-show day at B.A.M.F. MMA Center, where students rack up points for a chance to win prizes. Points are awarded for exceptional performance in class at a per session basis, or for bringing in referrals. The student with the most points gets to spin the wheel, where he can win gifts from T-Shirts and free sessions to a jackpot of Php 10,000 cash. Lucky for Mark Cupino just one of our top white belts who manages to bag “student of the day” during regular training days, his name was picked out of the raffle and he got to spin! — And this Lucky guy went home with a Saulo Ribeiro Original Jiu Jitsu Revolution DVD. Sad to say, nobody won the Jackpot but there’s always next time, that is , every month to get your chance to win Php 10,000, just keep on referring your friends and convincing them to sign up or you can stick to making sure your performance at training is at optimum level and you can be Student of the Day.

Anyway, Lets give it up for our Graduates! Congratulations to B.A.M.F. MMA Center’s 2nd Batch of Graduates this 2012!

  • Paul Avancena
  • Neil Azarcon
  • Chris Azarraga
  • Timothy Bailon
  • Edgar Caballero
  • Kurt Cablitas
  • Russel Choi
  • Earl Diaz
  • Ramy Elbeitam
  • Summuel Gan
  • Ace Leyeza
  • John Karl Lopez
  • Jed Monte
  • Elwyn Narvaez
  • Pierre Navaseo
  • Angela Ongkeko
  • Vince Ortiz
  • Angelo Palabasan
  • Philip Po
  • Sofie Santos
  • Boom Sureta
  • Jericho Tomagan

The Six Month Programs offered at B.A.M.F. Mixed Martial Arts Center are personally formulated and designed by our instructors and spearheaded by Prof. Alvin Aguilar. The syllabus prepared for each month you train, are all based on experience that  has been tried and tested throughout the 16 years of DEFTAC’s existence. When you enroll at B.A.M.F. you are guaranteed no Bull Shit. You enroll alongside your goals; you enroll with a purpose – and that is to achieve. With that being said, we are very proud to announce that last April 4, 2012 our first batch of students ever to enroll in the 6 month program have graduated.

Although, the number small, and the ceremony a humble one, it is a remarkable event that is truly one for the books. We say this because it has never been done before; not in DEFTAC and not ever in the Philiippines. It is the first of its kind. Even our old school students like Raffy Garcia see how much the team has grown in organization, finally and officially laying down the proper foundations without sacrificing the essence of family and real training. Gelo Reyes even went up to Prof. Alvin aside complaining, why Prof. hadn’t done this before – Why he had never received a certificate OR medal OR graduation from Alvin (and the students now get it ALL.:)) —- A testament to how effective our 6 month program has been is taken from a post on Facebook by our student/coach, Purple Belt Andrew Laxa:

 “You guys are incredibly lucky you have this. When I began training, the only means I had to evaluate myself was through competition. You guys have the opportunity to gauge what things you need to improve, without having to put it all on the line in a tournament. You are very lucky and i hope that you guys strive to do well, and appreciate this aspect of our training because it is all for you guys. See you guys tomorrow on the mats.” – (LAXA, 2012)

Now we rightfully Congratulate, Miguel Consing, Mark Cupino, Martin Toledo and Arthur Mori for accomplishing and graduating from the said Program! We’d also like to furthermore congratulate Martin and Mori for graduating with a Silver Medal of Excellence, top 2 of the batch! Congrats guys! For the students who participated in the program but didn’t graduate, your participation is very much appreciated, and we hope that you can continue with the journey you began with us. Once again, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!

PS. Please Check out —- and get a students perspective of the Graduation Ceremoney from our very own BJJ student, Mark Cupino who wrote an entry about the said graduation which includes pictures. MUST READ!